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January 27, 2021

Only 747 km of motorways at the end of 2015

In 2015, Romania had 86,080 kilometres of public roads, of which only 4.2 percent (747 km) were motorways, and 10,770 kilometres of public railways, the National Statistics Institute (INS) data published on Monday show. On the other hand, last year motorways grew by 9.4 percent (64 km) year-on-year.

According to the aforementioned source, on 31 December 2015, public roads totalled 86,080 km, of which 17,606 km (20.5 percent) were national roads, 35,316 km (41 percent) county roads and 33,158 km (38.5 percent) communal roads.

In what concerns the roads’ technical condition, 41.5 percent of them were modernized and 51.2 percent of paved roads had surpassed their service time.

Likewise, of the total national roads, 35.2 percent (6,193 km) were European roads, 4.2 percent (747 km) motorways, 1.6 percent (281 km) 3-lane roads, 10.3 percent (1,087 km) 4-lane roads and 0.1 percent (22 km) 6-lane roads. Moreover, 39.9 percent of county roads were paved, while 44.4 percent of communal roads were unpaved.

When it comes to public railways, INS data show that they totalled 10,770 km in 2015, of which 98.7 percent (10,632 km) had normal gauge, narrow-gauge railways totalled 4 km and wide-gauge railways totalled 134 km. Railway density stood at 45.2 per one thousand square kilometres. The highest densities were registered in Bucharest-Ilfov (153.2), West Region (58.9), South-East Region and North-West Region (48.8). Last but not least, at the end of last year, electrified railways totalled 4,030 km, representing 37.4 percent of the total railway network.

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