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March 29, 2023

The Start to Nothing

Only few days were left until Tuesday, April 26, when the registration period for the candidacy to the local election officially ends.

Also, the electoral campaign officially starts on May 5.

I don’t even know exactly how to start saying what almost cannot be said about the significance this electoral campaign will have and has since now for me, as a Romanian citizen, but particularly as a person practicing for so many years a profession closely related to the politics.

And this is because what happens in the Romanian politics for at least one year ago until now is far away to be analyzed in an objective and cold-blooded manner. Thus now, when all of us have to face another big try on how our future will look in the social, professional, economic, financial, family, personal and most of all communitarian field, seeing it from the perspective of the current political reality, we can see that this future almost doesn’t exist in a comfortable way, or at least in a way that would let us that hope we are used to have as a refuge for almost all our lacks and brutally or slowly shattered illusions from the last more than twenty years.

As I was saying in my previous editorials, local-administrative elections and especially the elections for the mayors in Bucharest, the ones for the districts and for the General Mayor of the Capital, are actually the ground, the germinal bed and the terminal number 0 from which we (re)start every time to assess the political situation at the high level in order to see what happens inside the elites of the political class, inside the political parties, and not least, for the way we can create a profile and draw a present, and especially a future political trend which will dominate this frame in the next four years.

Besides, local elections, and in particular the ones for the Bucharest City Hall set the line and determine an extremely fine and clear barometer for the citizens electoral orientations and options, given that Bucharest citizens, which represent a particular electoral field and elector profile, determine a special pattern comparing to any other electoral item from outside the Capital.

The Bucharest citizen, as an electoral unit in any political calculation, is a guidance diagnostic factor for the real status and situation of each political party and, therefore, for the way that the political dynamics is going to follow in the next four years, tilting the power balance to left, to right or toward any other political trend which isn’t explored or uncombined yet at the parliamentarian level and, furthermore, in a future Government.

If we limit the scope of our analysis (for the moment) to what happens now in Bucharest, related to the persons that applied for this electoral race, the conclusion is one of the most disarming and shocking.


How did we get to this void of image and presence in the current electoral arena, while 4 years ago Bucharest people were choosing Sorin Oprescu for the second time as their mayor and while years after years, the Bucharest of the electoral campaign periods was an effervescent field, some kind of a long waited political festival in which every “Capitalist” citizen felt impelled to participate, not as to a crucial social event, but more than this as to a lottery of the political visas, or to a trade market for the political bets, where the most emblematic, novel, powerful, exciting and colorful political figures of the moment were going to fight?!?

I remember of the effervescence in the electoral period of the years 2000-2012, which, compared to this moment, makes those times seem to be so far away, like they are detached from another place and another Bucharest, but more than this, which throws through a extremely depressing and alarming contrast, a dark and cold light on the “nothing” that we all live now, in this electoral campaign.

People like Crin Halaicu, Victor Ciorbea, Viorel Lis, Adrian Videanu, Traian Basescu, Sorin Oprescu, placed in contrast with Gabriela Vranceanu  Firea, Nicusor Dan, Robert Turcescu, Sorin Campeanu and other names and possibilities that are still circulating, but not yet extracted from the huge wheel of the hallucinating lottery spinning since weeks and days, seem, by comparison, a museum of equestrian statues placed in front of a caricature exhibition.

Why did we get to this acute crisis of image and people deserving to be considered in voting?

Which is the anomaly and where did it born inside the political parties (the ones that left, or those who can pretend they are political parties), that heroes, not just political baits, cannot enter in the current electoral battle?

The political parties’ crisis started for a while.

And that ongoing crisis reached one of the most dramatic and devastating moments right now, when all these political forces have to assure their viability and their existence inside the civil society among these candidates, potential winners of the local elections.

The huge lethal crisis of the political Romanian parties is as obvious and frightening as, any way you look at any of the current candidates, as a political benchmark profile for the parties and influence and interest areas they pretend to represent, you hit yourself in a painful and stunning way of the same aberrant contrasts.

It’s impossible not to notice a total lack of representativeness, charisma, substantial electoral programs and applicability of the reality and of the city and people’s needs, strange curriculum-vitae not only from the political point of view, but especially regarding the skills, the profession and the deontology, with serious legal problems, extending to the criminal area and hugely separated, in an almost autistic way, by anything the representativeness of “man to man” means, as it should be for any person preparing to pass through a bath of force and options of the citizens.

None of the current candidates for the position of the Mayors of the Capital, either for the districts or for the City Hall, inculcate nor does he suggest even 0.0001 percent of the confidence and the desire of any man to walk on the June 5 and to vote. Not to mention to apply the voting stamp on any of them.

If you have a minimum civic common-sense and social decency, how could you want to apply the voting stamp for somebody who just got out from DNA? Or for somebody who was criminally convicted for an electoral fraud, for corruption, influence peddling, money laundering, participating to crimes of political mafia groups? Or for somebody how gently smiles to you from a plasticized picture (literally and figuratively!), speaking to you like a damaged mechanism about the 700 kilometers of highway , plus another 400 kilometers of roads built in who-knows what country or planet by the party he represents and glorifies? Or for somebody who has failed the fourth to die doomed where the phantom of the political party he is going to represent takes its last breath, a party playing “the magician’s hat” game, revealing all kind of political figures right now, when we need more and more certain things, irrefutable proofs of solidity, intransigence and a strong hand from an important political area?

For which logical and solid reason you and your family would go out on June 5 to vote, while until the voting day the electoral campaign in Romania of the year 2016 was initiated and started by the “justice war” and continued in a grotesque avalanche by the “journalism league” of the candidates, and closed – most probably! – by an inexistent “independent” election, as n the case of Sorin Oprescu, 8 years ago?

How does the future of the potential Romanian political-administrative infrastructure look after June 5, considering that 70 percent of the current candidates for the position of mayor, both in the country and in Capital, have pending criminal files or final decisions, people supported by parties with leaders “to be jailed”, outlaw and guys that proved their antisocial and antidemocratic trends?

These are the wide conclusions of the moment, now, when less than 2 weeks left until THE GREAT START TO A POLITICAL NOTHING AND NOWHERE FOR THE FUTURE ROMANIA.

What and how are we, the voting citizens, doing from now on, is to be analyzed and decided by each of us, considering only one really important thing in all this mess of Dambovita political circus: Your vote, my vote, anyone’s vote decides for all of us.



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