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August 17, 2022

Catalin Predoiu files mayoral candidacy on last stretch

Liberal Catalin Predoiu filed his candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall on Tuesday afternoon, on the last stretch. He announced that Bucharest will become “the city of the future” through investments, he will solve the traffic congestion problem and he does not want to hike taxes for Bucharesters.

“My main objective is to consolidate Bucharest’s finances. I don’t plan to hike taxes, I plan to raise the budget through investments. I will bring money to the City Hall,” the PNL candidate stated, pointing out that this will be reflected in the citizens’ daily lives.

He added that the investments will create jobs and will transform the city into a place that would attract visitors and “would be talked about with pleasure in Europe and the world.”

“It’s not an ambitious horizon, I have my team’s expertise and the necessary experience. I am confident, I am a team player and I have no doubt that at the end of this campaign people will opt for PNL, for Catalin Predoiu and for Ciprian Ciucu Deputy Mayor,” the Liberal added.

He explained that, since he is the third candidate nominated by PNL for the Bucharest City Hall, the team that handles the collection of signatures restarted the process from scratch, but he is convinced they did so accurately and was not concerned with the high number of signatures needed because a large party backs him. Predoiu did not hesitate to attack PSD, PNL’s rival party, and Gabriela Firea, his main contender, who had launched an invitation, a Decalogue for all mayoral candidates.

“I believe Ms. Firea should plan to impose the political agenda at the top of PSD, a party that is facing serious integrity problems, that is thrashing its own integrity Decalogue,” Predoiu emphasised.


Catalin Predoiu cornered by runaway broker Cristian Sima


Cristian Sima, also known as the “Runaway Broker,” the author of a best-seller, publicly made several revelations about politicians. Catalin Predoiu, PNL’s current candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, was one of them. Referring to him, Sima wrote how he struggled to remain Premier or at least Justice Minister, irrespective of the Government’s political stripes. Predoiu felt the need to publicly point out he was not close to Sima. “These are information thrown on the market two years ago too, it’s an incorrect web. I said I would not enter this game that in fact aims to generate a topic in the midst of the elections campaign. It’s a web based on political interpretations, mostly based on personal interpretations. (…) My relation with Mr. Sima was like with any other person. I told him “good day” and that’s about it, a civilised relationship,” Catalin Predoiu stated.

Sima’s reply was not late in coming. Living in Switzerland, he posted a picture from his personal archive, taken in his home in Switzerland on New Year’s Day in 2011. “As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. This doesn’t look like two people who only said “good day” to themselves, isn’t it. What could have prompted Catalin Predoiu to say such an enormity?” Sima wrote.

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