Painting exhibition of Turkish artists, at the Parliament Palace

A painting exhibition including works of a number of 13 contemporary Turkish artists was opened at the Parliament Palace.

“We organized this beautiful exhibition in order to present here, at Bucharest, the contemporary Turkish art. We have received 13 artists and 26 exhibits at Bucharest. As it is already known, Turkish and Romanian people are very close in terms of culture and they understand very well, and what I have tried to do by this exhibition was to present the contemporary Turkish art in Romania”, stated the Turkish Ambassador in Romania, Koray Ertas, according to Agerpres.

He mentioned that the 13 artists which are present at this exhibition represent different art schools from different areas in Turkey.

“The 13 artists which are here, at this exhibition, come from different areas in Turkey, representing different art schools, and for this reason each of them brings a part of the culture and a different point of view according to the area to which he belongs. Among these 13 artists you can find a person with disabilities (e.n. – Ahmet Yesil), a famous artist in Turkey. He comes form Mersin, a town located at the Mediterranean Sea, and his presence at this exhibition is an example of continuing to go straight ahead”, stated the Ambassador.


 “Art is the most important communication mean”


Ahmet Yesil, the oldest Turkish artist exposing at Bucharest, asserted in the opening of the exhibition the “art is the only communication channel, addressing to all the people”.

“Art is the most important communication mean, since it represents, actually, everything. Regardless the subject, the technique, in art we find the human being, and in this respect, we can express our union and our ideas, regardless the culture we come from or the geographic area we live in. Art works make us to feel a moment like a gentle touch. (…) When we see art works, we learn how to be better, more sensitive, to understand the one near us”, said also the artist Meryem Uzunoglu.

The exhibition can be seen at the Parliament Palace until April 30. The event is organized by the Turkish Embassy in Bucharest, in association with the Turkish Business Men Association (TIAD).

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