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December 7, 2021

Former President Basescu chimes in with opinions in Kovesi-SIE scandal: “Either Ms. Kovesi doesn’t know SIE’s operational regulations or she engaged in a game that does not serve the country or her”

In an interview for the public broadcaster on Tuesday, ex-president Traian Basescu commented on the statements that National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Director Codruta Kovesi made about the activity of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), stating that the head of the DNA “engaged in a game that does not serve her.”

“Here there are two options. Either Ms. Kovesi doesn’t know SIE’s operational regulations or she engaged in a game that does not serve the country or her. Why discredit an intelligence service? Maybe I have to translate this to you; SIE is Romania’s espionage service. An espionage service is handling something entirely different from keeping a close eye on those who might make investments with money embezzled in Romania. (…) Ms. Kovesi has engaged in a game that does not serve her. I suspect, but it’s a shame she engaged in this game,” ex-president Traian Basescu stated on TVR1 when asked for his comments on the DNA Director’s statement that she is dissatisfied with the lack of collaboration with SIE.

Traian Basescu stated that Laura Kovesi had “within the DNA” Dinu Pescariu and Claudiu Florica, the persons “who stole the most from Microsoft and she let them walk, did not even enforce a distraint for RON 1, turned them into witnesses and let them keep the dozens of millions [of Euros].”

“She had them in her office, so SIE didn’t have to look for them, she had them within the DNA. Dragos Dobrescu stole many plots of land. She had him in her office. Ms. Kovesi allowed Valentin Visoiu, also a top real-estate speculator, to keep all plots of land from ANRP and all the money too,” the former president added.

Traian Basescu explained that SIE never offers intelligence reports to prosecution bodies, transferring them instead to the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) or the Romanian Police, adding that SIE makes 30-50 such transfers every year. “Ms. Kovesi cannot know what SIE transferred to SRI or the Police,” Basescu said.

Traian Basescu stated that SIE cannot engage in espionage operations on the territory of NATO, EU or allied countries.

“If we are talking about bank accounts, SIE would have to infiltrate its people within banks. (…) That may work in Panama, but you cannot engage in espionage operations on the territory of NATO and EU states or on the territory of allied states, it’s forbidden, that is why the collaboration between SIE and other counterpart services is being done in the open, through representatives,” the former president explained.

Traian Basescu concluded that the DNA Director “has engaged in a game that does not serve her” and “it’s a shame she did.”

DNA Chief Prosecutor Codruta Kovesi accused SIE on Tuesday that ever since she took office she “did not receive any report from the Foreign Intelligence Service,” pointing out that “it’s illegal to hold information pertaining to possible crimes and not to notify the National Anticorruption Directorate.”


Complaint against acting General Prosecutor


Traian Basescu announced on TVR that he will file a criminal complaint for malfeasance in office against interim General Prosecutor Bogdan Licu, whom he accused of opening political case files against him.

Traian Basescu also stated that the General Prosecutor’s Office is engaging in a dirty political game based on notifications filed by Voiculescu’s people.

“I have been Transport Minister in five governments, I have been Bucharest Mayor for four years and a half, and there wasn’t a single complaint concerning a single contract; on the other hand, Voiculescu’s people have gotten me involved in all sorts of case files,” Basescu stated.

“After he lined his pockets by plagiarising at Gabriel Oprea’s school, what did Bogdan Licu say to himself? That he should remain the General Prosecutor’s First Deputy, that he should show the new General Prosecutor that he is worthy,” Basescu pointed out.

Ex-president Traian Basescu has been notified by the High Court that he is suspected of money laundering (continuous offence).

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