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November 26, 2022

Actress Oana Pellea at “Acasa” Evenings, at ICR Lisbon

On Friday, April 29, actress Oana Pellea will be the host of the “Acasa” (“Home”) Evenings organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Lisbon, alongside Cristina Casian and Barbu Ollanescu-Orendi.

According to a release of ICR Lisbon, within the event, which is organized in association with The Embassy of Romania in Portugal under the title “Home at Ollanescu boyars and at Amza Pellea”, there will be presented three books published by Humanitas Publishing House: “2003-2009 Diary” (“Jurnal 2003-2009”) by Oana Pellea, “Laughing with Nea Marin” (“Sa radem cu Nea Marin”) by Amza Pellea, and “It was to be like this. Memories from my good and bad years” (“Asa a fost sa fie. Amintiri din anii mei buni si rai”) by Barbu Ollanescu-Orendi.

On this occasion, there will be readings of some excerpts from the three books of memoirs, as well as discussions with the audience about Ollanescu and Policrat boyar families.

Born under the name Policrat, Oana Pellea’s mother was forced by the communist regime to relocate in Craiova together with her parents, when she was 12 years old. In this period, when Domnica was 21, she met Amza Pellea, and then she married him in 1958.

Barbu Ollanescu-Orendi, Oana Pellea’s uncle, was born in 1934 in a family with roots in old boyar families from Wallachia and Moldavia.

The “Acasa” Evenings aim to gather the members of the Romanian community in Portugal.

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