Launching of the Reborn collection by Alexandra Calafeteanu – an event like a power statement of the 30 years old woman

Elegance, power, confidence and sensuality, were the ingredients of a magical evening, signed “Reborn” by Alexandra Calafeteanu.

300 guests entered in the monochrome story, “narrated” in a very elegant and refined manner by the designer Alexandra Calafeteanu with the help of REBORN collection. It’s a stylistic interpretation of the 30 years old woman rebirth, where elegance is balanced by comfort, where sensuality is balanced by innocence and shape and texture are balanced by color.

30 models wearing all white narrated the diary of a woman aged 30.

Why white? Because, despite her power and determination, she never lost her innocence. Her face is still brightens as to a child when she is totally happy, she is still playing, but in her own way, and she’d still run without shoes in the rain. The difference is that now she is impressive, she knows what she wants, she is selective and knows how to get everything she wants. The outfit is the white canvas of the painting and her inner power represents all the colors on the canvas. All this valences which “dance” like in a ballet of the senses, were interpreted through textures combining contrasts, noticing that neoprene, wood, tulle and silk are spectacularly mixed and perfectly “drawn”, stitched and cut, so that they create a stylish fashion item, yet atypical, as the carrier will be.

REBORN is not only an autumn-winter collection of ’16-’17 which suggests season outfits to get you out of the obscurity. Reborn is a conceptual collection, whose muse was the 30 years old woman, seen like a feminine force which manages to transmit sensuality and elegance through all of her skin, and now she does it also through her outfit.

“I firmly believe that outfits represent the visual manner through which everybody wants to be perceived. I am an adept of the comfortable elegance! Through my collections, I wish to tell that I draw outfits which do not constrain the woman, but release her of patterns, creating her the fashion support in order to generate a statement of her personality”, stated Alexandra Calafeteanu.

The monochromatic presentation – REBORN – was completed by the artistic and colored jewelry FREYWILLE, which induced together with the outfits the design expression of that “joie de vivre” which is much sought in fashion. The expensive pieces, unique thanks to their materials, are created with love to communicate a certain attitude. By inspiring from the beauty of nature and life, or from works of famous artists such as Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Alphonse Mucha or Hundertwasser, FREYWILLE created a new jewelry class, combining art with the timeless elegance of some pieces that do not go out of style.

Another premiere of the evening was offered to the guests by Iceberg Vodka and Water, the brand which provides the purest water in the world, out of which the vodka is also made. For the first time in Romania, guests had the opportunity to enjoy the novel experience of the two products which have 100 percent water on their basis, from the glaciers formed over 12,000 years ago. Iceberg Water was voted the purest water in the world in 2015, and the new concept, Pure Distinctions, which suggests drinking Iceberg Vodka only together with frozen fruits and Iceberg Water, is a worldwide benchmark of refinement.

In the end, because the evening was one of the elegance, innovation and dreaming with open eyes, Bonilash®, the new revelation of the moment for longer eyelashes, added a touch of seduction. Bonilash® treatment is tested ophthalmological and dermatological, which helps obtaining 25 percent longer eyelashes, more frequent and with a more intense shade, after only 12 weeks of use. The uniqueness of this eyelashes serum consists in the active substance bimatoprost, an effective incentive for increasing the number of eyelashes, that allows stretching them, strengthening them and preventing their loss. With an easy and comfortable application, Bonilash® serum is the new secret of the spectacular, natural eyelashes, which has become a must-have for the modern woman.


About Alexandra Calafeteanu


Alexandra Calafeteanu is an already well-known fashion designer, who always highlighted herself through collections that interpret the design in a way much closer to art and very far from mainstream. Based on its knowledge of fashion, a diploma in Fashion Design, obtained from the National University of Arts, Bucharest and a Masters in Fashion Design, but also on its adolescence under the sign of painting, Alexandra Calafeteanu is an interpreter of art in clothing, always drawing new lines to the Romanian fashion design.

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