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January 16, 2022

The 2016 edition of European Movie Festival kicks off: Two decades of “European May”

Since twenty years, in May, Europe invites us to cinema for her birthday, and she is the one who makes presents also: all kinds of movies, carefully packaged by the European Movie Festival. The 2016 edition, which starts on Thursday, May 5, 2016, is the most generous of all: it provides us with an impressive number of movies, namely 85, screenings in no less than 8 cinemas in Bucharest, and the biggest number of local editions, namely 5 editions. The festival will take place in Hunedoara (May 27-29), Tirgu Mures (May 20-22), Timisoara (May 27-29), and, for the first time, in Baia Mare (May 13-15) and Cluj-Napoca (May 20-22).

“The diversity of the European cinematography is rich like a Swedish buffet well seasoned. At the anniversary edition of the Festival, we planned to fulfill this analogy and to invite you to taste the European tasty, daring and unexpected assortments. We have fiction movies and documentaries, short films and medium-sized films, cartoons and experimental movies, a valuable retrospection of Romanian movies, even baseline films since seventy years ago, facing very recent reinterpretations. Come to cinema!” stated the ICR Vice-president Liviu Jicman.

“For me, public is the one who gives life to a movie, and any meeting of the movie with the audience is a breath of the cinematic art. Like every year, The European Movie Festival makes the quality European movie to meet the Romanian public” says Anca Damian, Honorary Ambassador of the current edition of the Festival.

At the opening Gala of the Festival, which will be on Thursday, May 5, 2016, at Cinema Pro, the movie called “The Community” (Denmark, 2016), directed by Thomas Vinterberg, will be screened. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the actor Lars Ranthe, hosted by the movie critic Iulia Blaga. The movie was awarded for the best actress at the International Movie Festival in Berlin, 2016 edition. The access will be possible with invitations, but the movie will be screened again on Sunday, May 15, at Eforie cinema, to give everyone the chance to see it.

The movie collection includes two nominated movies for Oscar in 2016 for the best movie in a foreign language, namely “The Fencer” (Finland, 2015) and “Mustang” (Turkey-France, 2015), as well as the winner of this category, “Son of Saul” (Hungary, 2015). “Son of Saul” has won the prize for the best movie in a foreign language also at the Golden Globe Award.

The Festival suggests you to meet the teams of the following movies:

  • “The Community” (Denmark, 2016) and “The Hunt” (Denmark, 2012) – Q&A sessions with the actor Lars Ranthe, at the screening of the movies: on May 5 at Cinema PRO, respectively on May 6 at the Elvire Popesco cinema.
  • “Beyond the Railroad” (Romania, 2016) – meeting with director Catalin Mitulescu and actors Ada Condeescu and Alexandru Potocean, on May 8, at the Elvire Popesco cinema.
  • Q&A with young Romanian film directors: Alina Manolache, Roxana Stroe, Lari Gligor and Iulian Stanciu, on May 7, at the Elvire Popesco cinema.
  • Q&A with the directors of the movies: “Milika” (Moldavian Republic, 2015) and “Echoes” (Moldavian Republic, 2015), Valeriu Jereghi and Dumitru Grosei, on May 7, at the Elvire Popesco cinema.
  • “Bulgarian Rhapsody” (Bulgaria, 2014) – meeting the film director Ivan Nitcev, on May 10, at Eforie cinema.
  • “Hotel Dallas” (Romania, 2016) – meeting some of the team members of the movie on May 13, at the Czech Center.


In addition, the Festival also includes six related events:

  • Two special events, combining visual arts with classical and jazz music: Imaginarium (May 12, at the Elvire Popesco cinema, with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum) and CinéConcert – Zabriskie Point (May 13, at the Elvire Popesco cinema, in association with the Italian Institute for Culture “Vito Grasso”).
  • Two workshops of cinematographic language for young people, on May 14 and 15, at ICR (located at 38 Alexandru Alley). We kindly thank to Mrs. Ileana Barsan for accepting to meet kids this year too, after previous years’ success.
  • Photo exhibition “Stop Cadru”, held by the artist Silviu Ghetie, providing us with a collection of images of some baseline titles of the New Romanian Cinema, taken in the last two decades on the set. The exhibition will be opened on April 28 and can be visited until May 15 at the Romanian Cultural Institute’s location (38 Alexandru Alley).
  • “Cinematheque for all” with Cristian Tudor Popescu: cinema and propaganda in Romanian film history (on May 12, “Eforie” Cinematheque). The event is a part of the series organized by the National Film Archive, and moderated by the critic Mihai Fulger.


The Festival includes four special sections:

  1. 10 special friends of the Festival; a retrospection of films offered by the honorary ambassadors of the last 10 editions of the Festival, the film directors who gave us ideas of promotion spots, directed and produced by them.
  2. Because 2016 is the Shakespeare Year, we have prepared, together with the British Council in Romania, the Shakespeare section 400, which includes two screen adaptations of Hamlet, almost 70 years apart (1948, in Laurence Olivier’s vision, and 2015 version, a drama film with Maxine Peake in the main role), a cartoon which reviews the main creations of the playwright, an experimental movie based on the Shakespeare’s sonnets, Angelic Conversation (1985, dir. Derek Jarman), and a blockbuster with a impressive casting, A Lot of Noise for Nothing (1993, dir. Kenneth Branagh).
  3. With the support of the European Parliament Office in Romania, we suggest you to see the three finalist movies in the latest edition of the European Parliament LUX Prize, namely The Lesson (Bulgaria, 2014), Mustang (Turkey – France, 2015) and Mediterranea (Italy, 2015 ).
  4. “Running Away in Europe” is a section dedicated to the hot topic of the refugees and migrants crisis, including four films offered by One World Romania Festival and the European Parliament Information Office.

The Honorary Ambassador of the anniversary edition is Anca Damian, whom the organizers let to propose and perform the promotional video of FFE XX. An important author of cartoon feature film, Anca Damian is present in the Festival with a movie in the “10 Friends” retrospection, namely “Crulic – The Path to Beyond” (2011) and also with her most recent film, the much awarded “Magic Mountain” (2015).

Throughout the festival, the audience can vote for their favorite film on the Festival’s website, www.ffe.ro. Depending on the votes, The Audience Award will be offered within the Gala closing on May 15, 2016 at Cinema Elvira Popescu.

Access to local editions performances, as well as to those organized in Bucharest in the cultural centers is free, depending on the available places. Access to the gala openings in Bucharest and in the country and to the closing gala in Bucharest is permitted by invitation. For performances at the “Elvire Popesco” and “Eforie” cinemas, the spectators are invited to purchase tickets.

The Festival is organized by The Romanian Cultural Institute, together with the European Commission Representation in Romania, the Union of Cinematographers in Romania and the National Film Archive, with the support of embassies and cultural centers of the European countries, under EUNIC Bucharest.

The organizers specially thank to the partners who have generously provided spaces in the cultural centers and institutes for free views: The European Commission Representation (which offered the European Public Space), Czech Center, the Cervantes Institute and the Italian Cultural Institute “Vito Grasso “.

The organizers thank to their partners for their support: Information Office of the European Parliament in Romania (BIPE), One World Romania Festival, The CinED Program (conducted by The French Institute, NexT Cultural Society and Macondo Cultural Association), Baia Mare Town Hall, Baia Mare 2021 Foundation, Cluj-Napoca Town Hall, Cluj-Napoca 2021 Association, Hunedoara Town Hall, Corvin Castle Museum, Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, K’arte Association, Tirgu-Mures Town Hall, ARTA Cinema – Tirgu Mures, Timisoara Town Hall, The Cultural House of the Timisoara Municipality, The Embassy (a project of CASA PLAI Association), Banatul Timisoara Philharmonic and Media partners: Agerpres, Anthony Frost Bookstore, B365.ro, “Blog de cinema”, Bookblog, Bucharest City App, Carturesti, Catavencii, Cinemagia, “Decat o revista”, “Dilema Veche”, “Dor de duca”, Eskape.ro, Europa FM, Film New Europe, Gratuitor, Hotnews, Hyperliteratura, Igloo, Kooperativa 2.0, LiterNet, Modernism, News.ro, Cultural Observatory, Radio Romania Bucharest FM, Radio Romania Cultural, RFI Positive Romania, The Institute, TVR, Urban.ro, Webcultura, Zeppelin.

More details on the Festival schedule and details about the screened films on www.ffe.ro and www.facebook.com/ffeRomania


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