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March 4, 2021

Traian Basescu about Klaus Iohannis: He is starting to do what a President should do

Traian Basescu stated exclusively for Romania TV that Klaus Iohannis has so far “trained on the job” and is starting to behave like a President. He criticised the incumbent President’s far too lengthy trips abroad.

Traian Basescu stated on Romania TV that there is no school for Presidents in Romania and the Head of State is trained on the job. The length of the on-the-job training depends on the incumbent President.

“President Iohannis has had a lengthy waiting period until now. Iohannis is now starting to do what a President should do. Instead of going to Miami, like he did last year, he stayed home and took part in the Easter Mass, although he is not an Orthodox Christian. It’s a gesture worthy of appreciation. Then he visited the Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan, shook their hands, knocked eggs with them. I believe he has adopted the attitude specific to a President, through symbolic gestures,” Traian Basescu said.

Traian Basescu also pointed out that a President cannot exercise his term in office in relation to the evolution of his approval ratings and that he has to take unpopular decisions too.

“You can’t exercise your term in office monitoring opinion polls. Some things are better perceived by the population, some not. When I announced the austerity measures I believe I dropped below 10 percent in the approval ratings,” Basescu said.

Returning to Klaus Iohannis’s term, the ex-president criticised the incumbent president’s far too lengthy trips abroad.

“It’s inconceivable for him to leave abroad and extend his stay one day to visit who knows what basilica or to sunbathe… I recall when I went to Japan with a delegation of journalists, the whole thing lasted 40 hours, including the round trip,” Traian Basescu concluded.


“I don’t believe the issue of impeaching presidents”


Traian Basescu believes it is no longer possible to impeach Klaus Iohannis or any other Romanian President. Traian Basescu faced two impeachment procedures but the referendums organised did not result in his removal from office.

Traian Basescu was asked on Romania TV whether he believes it is possible for President Klaus Iohannis to be impeached and removed from office before the expiration of his term, a theory discussed in various political circles.

“I don’t believe the issue of impeaching presidents because they fare poorly in opinion polls or for some violation of the Constitution will ever be raised again. I don’t believe impeachment stories,” Traian Basescu stated.

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