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December 9, 2022

Watch out, the democracy river is full of crocodiles!

Wildebeests, crocodiles, alpha males which the herds follow, falling in the abyss or in the jaws of the same perfidious crocodiles…

What else to say? A real jungle, woven into a story with a script worthy of Animal Planet, narrated in a very touching and full of sadness way, full of repressed disappointments by nobody else than one of the strongest and, until recently, one of the lucky favorites of the political fate in Romania: Valeriu Zgonea (photo).

But history indicates us persistently that there is a strange cycle of the events, a cycle like a boomerang or, so to say, “Be the wheel even a square, it is spinning in the air”.

And, as in the saying about digging other’s grave and the joy offered by the moment in which, after being among those who helped fully and firmly to shove others in the den with crocodiles, chuckling and considering yourself one of the lucky people protected by fate, you might find yourself in the next moment, a relative one in time, in the same den full of jaws and teeth ready to tear and devour.

Or, in politics, the repetitiveness of the event or of the fate is more accurate and painfully precise.

I remember that, in October last year, Liviu Dragnea was taking over the leadership of PSD within a big thematic event (as we are already accustomed by the Romanian political left-side to offer so many and so many decades), an event where the main acts and subjects, almost imposing, moments such as the one when all the red human beings stood up at the order of the new Daddy of the left, for a final separation of the odious communist past and putting ashes on the head of the torturers who are still alive and lost in the shadow of the party, as well as the amazing moment of addressing a petition to the great guru of all Romanian political creation of the last decades, nobody else than Ion Iliescu, to apologize to the “children” of the party and the whole country for the crimes of communism and, in fact, for the way Romania looks and is after so long of so-called removal of the demons of the past from the state power.

The face of the old neo-communist devil captured by cameras, decomposed and frozen by amazement and embarrassment in front of such inept, completely inadequate and tactless shamelessness from Dragnea, will permanently remain on the retina of the collective memory as one of the most galvanized post-Revolution moments in the matter of public mafia-style execution that characterizes left political brotherhood in Romania.

To do a gesture of such a political dimension and magnitude is the same as Vladimir Putin would call Mihail Gorbaciov to a soiree at Kremlin and would ask him to declare in front of all the people who came to drink a glass of vodka and a sandwich of Beluga caviar and in front of the whole Russia, that the idea of Perestroika was identical to a nuclear bomb located exactly in the heart of the Soviet Empire before ’89.

Among the surprises that the new head of PSD prepared so tenacious in that moment in October, was also the execution of the TSD organization’s leader of that time, namely Mihail Sturzu, in the same public and amazing way.

The whole “Sturzu” scandal started from the rebellion and disobedience moment that the young social-democrat addressed to the new leader of the left, who just stated until then, with his well-known attitude of nonchalance and tolerance, that democracy has established inside PSD. It is a democracy which, of course, supposes, first of all, the freedom of speech and expression within your political party and toward any of its’ hierarchical part.

But, following the already famous tirade of the rebel Mihail Sturzu, when he launched an incisive and direct attack to Liviu Dragnea, accusing him in front of the thousands of social-democrat members who were led to the top of hysteria and stupefaction, that he is acting in a hypocrite political manner when he asks for the damnation and stigmatization of the communism among people and the leadership spirit of the party, and that he shouldn’t take over the position he just took, because of his well-known problems with the law, the democratic spirit suddenly disappeared from the PSD leader, as well as his parentally goodwill and tolerance he was striving to cover his face with, since he was in the forefront of all Media in those moments.

That was the first signal that should have led to questions or definitively dispel any doubt about the way things happen in the internal level of the political left.

Besides, for more than 20 years, since we suppose that the whole political paradigm has followed another course, such worrying moments, for not directly calling them catastrophic for the whole present and especially for the future of the Romanian democracy, were happening every time in the more or less subtle layers of the politics and, in particular, of the left politics in Romania.

The party tyranny was and remained present inside the social-democrats in the last 27 years. The fratricidal fights and the mafia behavior whose unwritten code of rules must be accurately and fearfully respected, in a blind, deaf and silent obedience (since disobedience leads to the political death), all these represents the essence of the reason to be and to do something in the left side of the Romanian politics.

I will never forget what Sorin Oprescu said in 2000, after he lost the City Hall competition against Traian Basescu, when I told him that the source of his entire political failure is the party he is coming from (namely PSD): “… I knew it since Lis was mayor… but I said to myself that maybe I am a moron… But no, man, these guys are cannibals; they are like that crazy dog… they devour their own paw… They beat me… the party beat me… not Basescu’s people…”

And now, 16 years far from that moment, and a few days before another electoral campaign, what does Valeriu Zgonea can say about PSD and its’ people?!

He is the same Vali Zgonea (to quote Mr. Dragnea) who was embracing with such warm and emotion his colleague and the new head of the party in October 2015, after the “Sturzu” episode, showing himself so disgusted and indignant in front of his gang leader, regarding the nerve and lack of obedience of the younger little political bird freshly sacrificed in public.

I’d like to ask Mr. Zgonea today: Doesn’t “Then” look the same as “Now”? Wasn’t then the same river full of ferocious crocodiles of the interparty tyranny, which couldn’t wait to grab the fool alpha male of the bewildered herd of wildebeests of the PSD democracy?

Of course it was. But when you find yourself among the crocodiles in the river, the wildebeests seem to you normal and natural things in the life and death cycle economy of the kingdom you belong to.

The weak and foolish are always those who do not manage to cross the river which is full of crocodiles.

And the lesson of this “political fable” can be only one, today, when the game of the elections and democratic votes is going to begin:

Watch out, the democracy river is full of crocodiles!


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