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February 27, 2021

Ciolos sets his Government in order: Premier to announce conclusions of the assessment of each minister

Government Spokesperson Dan Suciu said Wednesday that details of the assessment of the ministers’ activities, as resulting from the talks between Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and the ministers, will be presented on Friday.

“There have been talks today on this matter with some ministers. The talks will continue in the days ahead (…) We are waiting for their conclusion, but certainly this week you will get more details of these talks held by the prime minister, most likely on Friday,” Suciu told a news briefing at the Victoria Government Palace on Wednesday, in response to a question about the assessment of each minister’s performance.

Suciu said talks with all the members of the government took place.

“Tomorrow, there will be a wider discussion, and the talks will continue (…) On Friday you will certainly get more detailed information on this matter,” said Suciu.

He added that the talks will focus on the activity of each minister individually.

“There are talks focusing on the priorities of each minister, on the achievement of the objectives undertaken at the beginning of the year, the current stage and the finalisation of the objectives or the second part of the year, the objectives of the ministries in the second half of the year,” Suciu explained.

Asked whether Prime Minister Ciolos   (photo) will use the talks to decide on reshuffles, Suciu said he cannot say anything on that.

He added that a meeting on Tuesday between Ciolos and Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu focused on the disinfectants in public hospitals issue.

Asked whether the meeting was also meant to assess the activity of the Health Minister, Suciu said, “No, it was to the point about disinfectants and nosocomial infections in public hospitals, but obviously the response to the matter will be taken into account when assessing the activity of the Health Ministry.”


Will the Agriculture Minister be replaced?


Vlad Alexandrescu, recently replaced by Corina Suteu, was the third minister to leave the Ciolos Government. Rumours have appeared from government sources recently, rumours according to which Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu is allegedly targeted for replacement.

He was involved in two major controversies – the one concerning the Arges County babies case and a statement in which he claimed that EUR 35 bln left Romania “by truck” over the last five years. According to ‘Romania Libera’ daily, Government Secretary General Sorin Chelmu could take Achim Irimescu’s place.

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