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December 6, 2021

Firea: Zgonea said I should be interim PSD president, suggesting I’m part of a plot

Gabriela Firea, PSD’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, said on Tuesday evening that Valeriu Zgonea proposed her as interim PSD president, without first talking to her, stating that what he did is not fair and she is not interested in holding the party’s presidency.

“He [Valeriu Zgonea – editor’s note] proposed both indirectly and directly that I should be the option for PSD’s interim president and added that he would have seen me, Mr. Fifor and Mr. Mihai Tudose in that position. I told them, as long as we were not asked whether we acquiesce to this proposal (…) it’s not fair to use the name of a colleague in such an initiative without at least having a one-minute talk on this issue, so that all our colleagues would look at me with suspicion (…) believing that I too am part of a plot, which wasn’t true,” Gabriela Firea stated for B1TV.

Asked whether she was interested in taking over the leadership of PSD, against the backdrop of rumours concerning Liviu Dragnea’s resignation, Firea answered negatively.

Gabriela Firea stated that she reproached Valeriu Zgonea with not respecting the decisions taken within the party and told him he should have aired his dissatisfactions within PSD, not publicly through postings on social networks and press statements.

“We decided both at the Congress and at the Executive Committee on March 18 that any opinion, no matter how corrosive or blunt it is toward the leadership or a colleague or toward the party line in general, should be stated within our internal forums. After we debate all these ideas, good, bad, we take a decision through majority vote and we go out with that decision and no longer change it. He did the opposite, he posted messages on social networks, made statements to the press and then he came to tell us his idea within [the party]. That created a PR problem for the party,” Firea said, referring to the decision to cancel Valeriu Zgonea’s party membership.

Gabriela Firea claimed that within PSD there are no groups tearing each other apart, with that being only the impression Valeriu Zgonea gave.

“I directly and very elegantly and in a friendly manner reproached him, at the meeting, with the fact that he made public all those things he wanted to debate inside, and he created the feeling that we are forming a group and we want to resort to a palace coup against the current party leadership elected through statutory Congress,” Firea added.

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