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April 12, 2021

Augustin Zegrean: Over 14,000 laws not set in line with CCR decisions. Should we take a bat and beat them?

Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) President Augustin Zegrean stated on Thursday that there are over 14,000 laws that have not been set in line with CCR decisions, adding that Parliament has so far done nothing, not even in what concerns the “Dragnea ordinance.”

“We should take a bat and beat them with it. What else can we do? We keep a tally on the Court’s website, where everybody can see which laws were declared unconstitutional, what happened to them. Mainly we are talking about Ordinance no.55. I said do something. They haven’t done anything so far,” Zegrean stated when asked what is to be done with the laws that CCR declared unconstitutional.

He pointed out that over 14,000 in force have not been set in line with CCR decisions.

“This deluge of laws [not set in line with CCR decisions], over 14,000 laws in force, is difficult to be correlated any longer. We should start over from scratch. Erase them and write others,” Zegrean concluded.

Ordinance no.55 was issued before the presidential elections of 2014 and stipulated that over a period of 45 days local representatives could choose to switch parties without losing their tenures.

According to an Expert Forum report published in January 2015, over 5,000 local representatives, 552 of them mayors, switched parties following the adoption of Ordinance no.55, the big winner being PSD, a party chosen by 79 percent of the mayors that switched parties, while PNL and PDL were the big losers.

Subsequently, Ordinance no.55/2014 was declared unconstitutional after PNL and PDL challenged it at the Constitutional Court.

In February 2015, the Lower Chamber decided to repeal Ordinance no.55/2014, which allowed local representatives to switch parties and which was declared unconstitutional, nevertheless adopting an amendment – criticised by PNL – which stipulated that the mayors and councillors that switched parties on the basis of the repealed ordinance would not lose their tenures. The Senate is the decisive Chamber.


” I told you I can’t take it. I’ve filed for retirement”


CCR President Augustin Zegrean stated on Thursday that he has filed his application for retirement benefits he would be entitled to as retired lawmaker.

“I told you I don’t think I could take it and I didn’t,” Augustin Zegrean stated when asked if he filed for retirement.

Augustin Zegrean was member of the Lower Chamber from December 2004 to July 2007, and member of the Senate from 1990 to 1992.

Zegrean’s tenure is set to expire in July 2016, when the Presidency will appoint someone to replace him.

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