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February 28, 2021

EU Funds Minister Ghinea: Management Authorities, Intermediary Bodies do not communicate with each other

The Management Authorities and Intermediary Bodies do not communicate with each other, and there are conflicts regarding responsibilities, European Funds Minister Cristian Ghinea told a Friday’s press conference.

“It is a complex relationship between the Management Authorities and the Intermediary Bodies. In fact, there is a lack of communication and conflicts on what responsibilities are transferred from the ministry to the Management Authorities and from the Management Authorities to the Intermediary Bodies,” said Ghinea, according to Agerpres.

He said he would talk to those responsible in the said authorities.

“I will call to the ministry people to talk. They do not talk to one another. For a few days I have been receiving dozens of signals in this respect. First, we must see the public interest, because beyond who has the right to take the contract and so forth we must start from the principle of the public interest, and then make a decision,” added the European funds minister.

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