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February 28, 2021

Ex-President Basescu: Iohannis shouldn’t have taken his wife when visiting troops in Afghanistan

Ex-President Traian Basescu on Wednesday evening criticised the fact that President Klaus Iohannis took the First Lady with him on his visit to Afghanistan last Sunday to celebrate Easter with them. The former hed of state emphasised that the President’s wife had no place being in the theatre of operations, especially since the things discussed there are classified.

Traian Basescu also stated that the First Lady did not observe the dress code in Afghanistan, sporting a sleeveless white dress not at all appropriate for a theatre of operations.

“Taking his wife to Afghanistan was a mistake. The commanders must have given a briefing about the missions they are carrying out. That briefing is classified. What did Ms. Iohannis do during the briefing? Those troops wore boots, battledress, you can’t go there wearing a sleeveless dress. You shouldn’t be accompanied by your wife in a theatre of operations. It was a mistake! He wore a suit because that was in Kandahar. When I used to visit, our troops were in Zabul, a warzone. It’s also possible he left directly from the Easter religious service and that is why he was dressed like that,” Traian Basescu stated on Romania TV.

The former president also stated that given the presence of Ms. Iohannis, the servicemen must have most likely resorted to a trick instead of discussing their real missions.

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