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March 4, 2021

Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits Romania: U. S. reiterates commitment within the NATO to strengthen properly the entire Eastern flank

The U. S. Deputy State Secretary, Antony Blinken has reconfirmed on Sunday, when being welcomed by President Klaus Iohannis, the U. S. commitment within the NATO to strengthen properly the entire Eastern flank and voiced appreciations for Romania’s active role within the Alliance.

The Deputy Secretary of State is on a European tour in the context of the underway preparations for the July NATO Summit in Warsaw.

According to a communique by the Presidential Administration, Blinken hailed the progresses of the anti-missile system, through Romania’s contribution at the southern Deveselu military base, included, stressing the importance of declaring the NATO anti-missile system’s initial capability at the forthcoming Warsaw Summit.

On this occasion, the Romanian president and the American dignitary have appreciated the current dynamics of the bilateral relations aimed at the development and deepening of the Strategic Partnership for the 21st century between Romania and the United States of America, both on the security and economic dimension, and on the other dimensions of the Strategic Partnership.

Klaus Iohannis emphasized the security and of defence aspects of interest for Romania in the context of the expected summit in Poland, with a stress on guaranteeing security in the Black Sea region.

The head of state emphasized the importance of strengthening the allied presence in a balanced way, on the entire Eastern flank of the NATO and the relevance of the European Reassurance Initiative promoted by president Obama.

He also stressed that our country as a NATO ally understands in the complicated security context in the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood, to act responsibly, as a security provider.

The two interlocutors have had a deep swap of opinions on the developments in Romania’s very vicinity and in the extended region of the Black Sea, with an emphasis on the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

President Iohannis underlined the concrete approaches made by Romania to support the Republic of Moldova in the latter’s effort of reform and its connection to Europe. Referring to Ukraine, both sides agreed that it is essential that the Minsk process to bear fruit, and the sanctions targeted at Ukraine’s Eastern to be maintained until the Minsk Accords are fully implemented.

President Iohannis presented Romania’s assessment regarding the last evolutions referring to the migrant crisis, as well as the position of our country in matter of energy security.

The U. S. officials presented his condolence for the Romanian troops fallen in the line of duty on Saturday in Afghanistan.

The American side appreciated mostly the contributions of Romania in Afghanistan and within the anti-Daesh international coalition.


U.S. Antony Blinken: We admire fight against corruption in Romania, DNA – model for region’s countries


 The U. S. Deputy Secretary of State said on Sunday in a meeting with the media that the United States of America admire the fight against corruption in our country, the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) being a model for the states in the region facing similar problems.

The Romanians’ strong wish to get rid of corruption, to have an open, transparent government is visible, and the political leaders should react to this if they want to be successful. And yet these are decisions the Romanians and only they should make. (…) We admire the fight against corruption in Romania, especially the DNA has had a lot of success. It becomes a model to the region’s states with similar problems, said Blinken who  is at his first visit to Romania since his appointment in January 2015.

The Deputy Secretary of State added that the global anti-corruption action needs time.

“The investigations, the court sentences have had a significant impact. But this is only a part of the answer. Time is needed to change the administration in order to make the government more open, more transparent. This is the systemic way to prevent corruption and not only punctual actions”, added Blinken, according to Agerpres.


“Romania’s support for a strong, independent, European Republic of Moldova essential”


Romania’s support for a strong, independent, European Republic of Moldova is paramount, on Sunday said the U. S. Deputy Secretary of State, Antony Blinken in a meeting with the media.

Blinken added that the United States of America appreciates the efforts towards reform of the new Government in Chisinau.

He has also stressed that Romania’s contribution to the European route of this country is crucial.

The support by Romania to Moldova has also counted in making sure that Moldova will continue on the reforms path. Hopefully this route brings stability and a real progress, too, he added.


Lazar Comanescu, Antony Blinken bilateral talks on forthcoming NATO Summit, migrant crisis, refugees


comanescu blinkenThe main topics on the bilateral agenda, the priorities of the forthcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw and the evolutions in Europe were also the main topics discussed on Saturday evening by the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister, Lazar Comanescu and the U. S. Deputy Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

The two officials have emphasized the outlooks of boosting the political dialogue in the next period, in the context of the excellent bilateral cooperation in security, Romania’s role as security supplier in the regional, global plan as well as of the joint efforts to developing the economic milieu of the Strategic Partnership, says the Foreign Affairs Ministry, in a press release.

Minister Lazar Comanescu, appreciated the commitment and involvement of the U. S. A. in the strengthening of the eastern allies’ security.

As regards the forthcoming Warsaw NATO Summit, he pleaded for a rotational, robust and balanced presence of the U. S. and NATO forces on the Eastern flank, Romania included, and reminded the importance of the Black Sea region’s strategic importance.

He has also expressed the support by Romania and the U. S. for the objective of declaring the initial operational capability of the NATO anti-missile system at the Warsaw Summit.

According to the MAE, the two officials have also tackled the developments in the Republic of Moldova, underlining the importance of continuing the positive evolutions in the economic and political reforms, relevant for the enforcement of the external financial assistance’s perspectives, and the support for its European path.

As for Ukraine, the Romanian chief diplomat emphasized the partnership relation between the two countries, expressing support for the implementation of the Minsk Accords.

The energy security was another topic addressed by the two high dignitaries, with an accent on Romania’s role in the region. They reiterated the importance Romania and the U. S. give to the diversification of the sources and routes of energy transport.

The two have also tackled the implications of the migrant phenomenon and of the refugees in Europe.



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