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March 7, 2021

11 EU Member States invite you to know them better at the subway

European Commission Representation in Romania, together with 11 embassies and cultural institutes representing Member States of the European Union, invite the public to celebrate Europe Day this year in the most important subway stations in Bucharest. The event “Metro Europe” will be held on May 9, from 12.00 to 5.00 pm.

The event is organized in partnership with Metrorex and Bucharest City Hall, through the Center for Educational and Sport Projects and Programs for Children and Young People.

The 11 participating subway stations will be equipped with the seals of the EU Member States and will host special actions for passengers and for those who will come especially for this event. Among these events you can find: exhibitions, music recitals, informative materials on the culture and traditions of some European countries, raffles etc.

Thus, on the occasion of Europe Day, the following subway stations will be equipped according to each of the below mentioned countries’ particularities:

Piata Romana – Germany , Piata Unirii 1 – Romania, Piata Unirii 2 – Ireland,  Crangasi – Austria, Piata Victoriei 1 – Croatia, Piata Victoriei 2 – Lithuania,  Piata Universitatii – Italy, Eroilor-Opera – Finland, Gara de Nord – Malta, Pipera – Netherlands, Titan – Slovenia

Artists dressed up as men-tulips will walk among the passengers on a background of live music (trumpet solo), to provide us with a little of the Netherlands atmosphere. Therefore, Europe Day lalele Olandawill be marked this way in “Pipera” subway station.

italiaOn the occasion of Europe Day, Italy has prepared a photo exhibition of monuments and places in Italy that are part of the UNESCO world heritage. In addition, you will witness a circus and juggling show, presented by the Parada Foundation. So visit Italy at the “Universitate” subway station!

Malta is waiting for you in the “Gara de Nord” subway station, with a photo exhibition presenting the less visible world to the tourists. This will happen on May 9 (Europe Day) only.

Ireland has prepared many surprises for May 9, Europe Day. You can visit it on “Piata Unirii 2” subway station. Be prepared to dance! Children will be treated to face painting, balloons and candies.irlanda

finlandaFinland, the so-called land of the thousand lakes, is also a country of music. A concert for string, acoustic and electric instruments, held at “Eroilor – Opera” subway station will prove it, on the occasion of Europe Day.

When you say Croatia, you say… tie. croatiaAt “Piata Victoriei 1” subway station, the country which invented this fashion accessory invites us, on Europe Day, to watch a fashion parade with 20 suits dedicated to the tie.

At “Piata Unirii 1”, on Europe Day, Romania will present the performances of an artist who will have her body covered by paintings recalling the feminine statues of the Cucuteni Culture, which isromania older than the Mesopotamian one.

ws_Lithuania_Trakai_Castle_Island_1920x1200At the “Piata Victoriei 2” subway station, Lithuania will present an exhibition of posters, music, balloons, brochures and books. The actor Nicolae Razvan Raduta will read a traditional Lithuanian story.

The Ambassador of Austria in Bucharest, E.S. Gerhard Reiweger, will be present at “Crangasi” subway station from 12.00 to 1 pm. You can find here, among other events, screenings of cartoon short-films: erick oh 3Erick Oh – Symphony OMOTE/REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING – OMOTE.

Slovenia will provide us with an insight into tradition, at the “Titan” subway station, namely Slovene proverbs and a photo exhibition of pictures of Slovenia.slovenia-04

GermaniaAt “Piata Romana” subway station, the choir of the German School of Bucharest (DSBU) will perform a music program from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

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