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October 4, 2022

Avenor College offers six scholarships for high school

Avenor College, which is accredited by Cambridge, has begun the subscriptions for the 2016-2017 school year. This year Avenor also offers six scholarships for study, covering from 25 to 100 percent of the school tax amount corresponding to the four years of high school.

The mandatory criteria to be accomplished by the 14-15 years old students who wish to qualify for one of the six scholarships granted by Avenor College, include, among others: the FEC English certificate (or equivalent); the average of the marks in the last two years of study has to be at least 9.50; 1st or 2nd place in the municipal contests; 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the national contests; and 10 mark for conduct. At the same time, students have to hold an exam at the English language and Mathematics and to prove they took part to extra-curricular activities, such as volunteering and social involvement.


Avenor prepares children for those jobs that are not invented yet


Avenor College aims to develop the entrepreneurial thinking and those abilities which will provide the students with the needed resources to b leaders in the professions they will choose, even for jobs that are not invented yet. Besides the academic area, courses like Enterprise, Global Perspective or Community Service help them to deepen a series of necessary abilities, such as the initiative, involvement behavior, decision-making abilities, assuming errors, creating and maintaining personal and professional relationships.

The modules are accredited by Cambridge International Examinations – one of the most important international institutions in educational field; the team of teachers of the Avenor College is formed by British and Romanian teachers having a didactic experience abroad or who have taught in other international schools in Romania. In fact, most of the students teaching at Avenor already intend to continue their studies abroad, and the famous universities where they intend to subscribe, include Oxford and Cambridge.

“An essential part of the Cambridge international system is related to the learning process. Therefore, we assess the manner in which the learning process develops, and the result is one who only can to enjoy us: students got used to assume their responsibility for how they choose to learn. The most appreciated thing at Avenor is that they are not forced to memorize information, but instead they receive the needed tools to analyze and assess what they find out in the right way”, stated Denise Trickett, the Avenor College Manager.

For more details about the high school, the curriculum and admission process, please see the webpage http://www.avenor.ro/.


 About Avenor College


Avenor College is a Romanian-British educational institution for students from 2 to 18 years old, which aims to provide the students a more balanced education. The college is located in the Northern area of Bucharest, inside the 4,300 sq m campus, built with an investment of EUR 3.5 million; the high school completes the Avenor College studies portfolio, which offers complete learning cycles, since kindergarten to high school, starting with autumn 2015. Avenor College is located near Baneasa Forest, Greenfield Residential Complex, and Quartz Residence.

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