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May 14, 2021

Europe Day: A stronger, united and competitive Europe is a major objective, constantly upheld by Romania, says MAE

Europe Day is an auspicious moment to remember our history, to celebrate our common heritage and to reaffirm the core values and principles that have set the foundations of modern Europe, ensuring its success over time. A stronger, united and competitive Europe is a major objective, constantly upheld by Romania.

Today, perhaps more than ever, it is important to remember the great and generous ideas of the founding fathers that forged, after the Second World War, the European Union as a project designed to bring peace, prosperity and unity across our continent. Situated at the cornerstone of the European project, these ideas remain valid now when we approach the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, a moment that we will celebrate next year.

It is essential to ponder again and again on the real meaning behind simple words like united in diversity or an ever closer Union among the peoples of Europe. They are more than just a few words; they are innate features of this ingenious project and the real source of its power to reinvent itself in decisive moments of its evolution. They have inspired confidence in the common European future and trust, a sine qua non condition to ensure that the Union is going not only through enlargement, but also through a deepening and consolidating process.

Today, it is high time to act together, and in a spirit of solidarity, to strengthen the European project as the most efficient common answer to the internal and external challenges we are facing. We should speak out loud about the reasons or the ideals that motivated the European construction, which continue to be valid in today’s Europe. Peace, unity, prosperity are not just “history” or abstract elements of a European rhetoric. They are fundamentals of the European way of life that we should cherish and uphold every day.

We should be aware of and not underestimate or turn a blind eye to the anti-EU rhetoric, to the xenophobic, racist or radical tendencies that proliferate in some parts of Europe. Lessons of the past have proved that the solution is not less, but more Europe, more cooperation between nations. Isolated action is not only inefficient, but it cannot produce sustainable answers in the long run.

Romania remains a firm pro-European partner and will continue to promote those success stories and policies that have ensured, over time, the durability of the European construction – the enlargement, the Schengen area, the consolidation of the internal market, also by preserving its fundamental freedoms, the cohesion policy, the Euro-zone, to name just a few. For us, it remains an utmost priority to promote more stability and prosperity in the EU’s neighbourhood, to support the Eastern Partnership and the EU path of our partners, particularly the Republic of Moldova, to advocate for more EU cooperation and involvement in the Black Sea region.

Our common interest is to further deepen and consolidate the EU action inside and outside its borders and its profile as a first-rank actor on the international arena.

The Union is first and foremost about the genuine political will of its political leaders to act in unity, to pursue a path of integration open to all Member States and to make sure that the Union and its neighbourhood are peaceful, stable and secure places, based on freedom and democracy.

Vision and strategy towards a common agreed objective remain the solution to surpass obstacles. The key words in our demarches should remain unity, cooperation, solidarity and unwavering commitment to work together for a strong and inclusive Europe. The vision laid in the Schuman Declaration keeps its entire relevance: “Europe will not be made at once, nor according to a single master plan of construction. It will be built by concrete achievements, which create de facto dependence, mutual interests and the desire for common action.”

On this occasion, we send a message of unity and trust in the European Union and its future and we express Romania’s active commitment to bring forward this project, together with the other EU Member States and the European institutions.


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