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October 25, 2021

Ministry of Labour will try to bring to light 700,000 workers out from the gray economy

The Ministry of Labour has a legislative initiative by which the day-to-day workers should come out from the grey economy, with the help of a ticket system, the tax being paid by the employee, stated on Friday the Minister of Labour, Dragos Pislaru.

“We have an initiative which we hope to see implemented as soon as possible, and which is related to the day-to-day workers, namely those persons which today are not registered, working in the grey economy; we are trying to support this initiative with a system of vouchers, or of tickets. The system is not complicated. In order to create a motivation which leads people to declare their work, this would mean that, for instance, if I will work somebody’s land, that person should give me a ticket for my work. The ticket has a calculated value, which represents the average cost per working hour, multiplied with the number of working hours. If I wish to pay for this kind of work, I will take these tickets from a bank, from the institutions being part of the system; those who wish to capitalize them, will submit them to the corresponding institutions which are affiliated to the system”, Pislaru said.

He stated that the tickets are tax bearers, but the employee will be the beneficiary of social insurance.

“Tickets are tax bearers, but, in order for the people to be motivated and to use them, they have some facilities. At this moment, since we are not paying anything, I will not charge the entire work, as it is charged according to the law in force. I am trying to find a model of balance, which on one hand has to motivate people to declare their work, since if you declare it you are the beneficiary of social insurance rights. This way, if these people have a number of days per year for which they have worked based on the tickets, they qualify for the insurance system. The payer is not charged; the one who is charged is the receiver of the income.  The receiver of the income will pay a smaller tax than the one which is currently paid for the employees”, stated the Minister of Labour.

According to him, around 700,000 people should come out at the surface from the grey economy.




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