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February 28, 2021

PM Ciolos: I support Romania’s pro-active role in the EU, to meet new regional challenges

In a message on Europe Day, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos sends happy returns of the day to all Romanians and the European family, pointing out that he continues to support a pro-active role of Romania inside the EU in order to meet new challenges and developments in the region and worldwide.

“This year, we are marking Europe Day for the tenth time as a European Union member state. In May 2007, when we were participating for the first time as European citizens in the common celebration of the EU nations, our expectations as new members in this project of economic and political cooperation were as high as the efforts Romania had made for years to become an EU member, and also as high as the commitments pledged to our European partners. Now, we are preparing to take over, in the second half of 2019, the presidency of the Council of the European Union. We want to do it in full maturity and responsibility, to consolidate the European design, its fundamental values and principles, and the Government I am heading already has in mind serious preparations on an institutional, technical and logistic level, to ensure a successful tenure of Romania as president of the Council of the European Union. That is why I further support a pro-active role of Romania in the EU, to deal with the new challenges and developments in the region and worldwide,” Dacian Ciolos says in a message sent on May 9, Europe Day, Romania’s State Independence and the WWII Victory Day.

He says that the May 9 also celebrates the victory of the United Nations Coalition in WWII that marked a new stage in world’s history, pointing out that the global suffering caused by the conflict periods should never be forgotten.

“Today, we are also marking the victory day of the United Nations Coalition in WWII, which marked a new stage in world’s history. Now, maybe more than ever in recent decades, we should not forget what they meant and what sufferings the conflict periods brought on a global as well as on an individual level. Threats against security have taken forms in time that, unfortunately, strike innocent and uninvolved people. Facing such threats, the solutions can be found by identifying the causes, using dialogue and cooperation on a national, European and international level,” Ciolos says.

The prime minister points out that May 9 also has a special meaning to Romanians.

“To us, Romanians, May 9 also has another special meaning: we are marking Romania’s State Independence. There are 134 years since Mihail Kogalniceanu, as foreign minister, told the country’s deputies back in 1877: “We are a free and independent nation!’, a speech followed by the adoption of a resolution proclaiming the independence. Respect and gratitude to our predecessors, who bequeathed us an independent Romania! Many happy returns of the day, Europe, many happy returns of the day, Romanians, many happy returns of the day, European family!” says Ciolos.

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