PM Ciolos to take over Health Ministry interim leadership

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has agreed with President Klaus Iohannis to become acting health minister, after holder Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu’s resignation.

“Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos agreed with President Klaus Iohannis, to take over the interim leadership of the Health Ministry, in order to directly coordinate and ensure the continuity of necessary measures in the healthcare sector,” reads a Government statement to AGERPRES on Monday.

The statement says on Monday a first meeting of a PM’s working group for drawing up an action plan for the healthcare system was held, attended by secretaries of state with the Health Ministry, officials of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery and coordinators of the main health research institutions, teaching staff, specialist NGO coordinators, experts and consultants in the medical sector.

“The group will contribute, under an ad-hoc consultation mechanism, to drawing up short and medium-term measures to increase safety in the medical sector and strategic reform measures. In the short term, the issue of nosocomial infections will be approached and the current administrative approach will be assessed, in order to make the necessary changes (minister orders, government resolutions, legislative amendments) for better preventive control in the area. In the medium term, starting from the assessment documents and the system strategies already in place, the group will contribute to establishing a real reform framework in the healthcare sector,” reads the statement.

The proposals will be centralised at the PM’s Chancellery starting this June, and the next meeting of the group will take place on Thursday.

According to the Government, all the participants in the Monday’s meeting at the Government House “have said that it is high time for the real situation of the healthcare sector to be put up for public debate and for solutions to the problems overlooked for years, which worsened and undermined confidence in the medical system’s capacity to place the patient first to be sought.”

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