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January 17, 2022

Presidential Administration: Intel reports to President, secret, top secret

The intelligence reports to Romania’s President are secret and top secret, the Presidential Administration said Monday.

The Presidency’s clarifications come after the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) informed on Monday that SRI has sent over the past five years nearly 100 notifications on irregularities in the country’s public healthcare system, including on nosocomial infections.

SRI mentioned that the notifications included “non-compliant quality of disinfectants used in hospitals nationwide.”

“The right to healthcare is a constitutional right. The SRI acts together with the other partner organisations to protect this right, along with all the other constitutional rights of the citizens. SRI informs the decision makers on the vulnerabilities of the public healthcare system. The notifications to the legal beneficiaries regarding the nosocomial infection issue, also mentioned non-compliant quality of disinfectants used in hospitals nationwide,” SRI showed.

SRI says that included among the legal beneficiaries of the notifications on this matter are county council chairs, prefects, ministers, the prime minister and Romania’s president.

“All these legal beneficiaries received constant notifications, each according to their duties, about the irregularities in the public healthcare system of Romania. Over the past five years, the SRI has sent about 100 notifications, including on matters related to nosocomial infections,” said SRI.

On the same topic, former President of Romania Traian Basescu said that “it is correct and necessary” that the reports addressed to the head of state on hospital infections “be made public by the SRI.”

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