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January 19, 2022

Victor Ponta reviews his government’s activity four years after it was sworn in: Master Builder Manole will start all over again

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta posted a 15-point review of his government’s activity precisely four years since the moment it was sworn in. Victor Ponta sees his stint at the helm of the government as the legend of master builder Manole: repairing what others ruined.

Victor Ponta made a comparison with the legend of master builder Manole, suggesting that his mission is to fix what others ruin, referring to the austerity measures that the Boc Government had adopted following the onset of the economic crisis in 2008. Victor Ponta listed a series of promises kept, promises concerning income hikes and the growth of the national economy.

“Exactly 4 years ago, on 7 May 2012, the first USL Government was sworn in with the votes of 284 MPs! After the economic and social catastrophe of 2010-2011, “Master Builder Manole” started to rebuild what was destroyed! Back then, I promised Romanians:

  1. To revert pensions and salaries back to their 2010 levels. To give back to people the money unfairly cut by the PDL Government (today’s PNL)! To make sure there is no Romanian whose income or honest earning is cut. ACCOMPLISHED
  2. To take Romania out of economic recession and to register annual economic growth in excess of 3 percent! To take Romanian exports above the EUR 50 bln threshold. To get back to and then surpass the GDP registered in 2008. ACCOMPLISHED
  3. To unfreeze European funds and to bring into the country as many funds earmarked for 2007-2014 as possible. We moved from an absorption rate of 6 percent to one of 70 percent. ACCOMPLISHED.
  4. To raise pensions each year by a rate higher than the inflation rate – ACCOMPLISHED
  5. To raise the minimum salary from RON 675 to over RON 1,000 – ACCOMPLISHED. Moreover, we hiked salaries in the public education and healthcare sectors by 25 percent, showing what it really means to give priority to these domains.
  6. Paying all teachers, public servants and magistrates the sums of money they won through court rulings issued against the Boc Government – ACCOMPLISHED one year in advance
  7. To stop closing hospitals and schools. To reopen and modernise schools, hospitals and maternities. ACCOMPLISHED
  8. To maintain the 16 percent flat tax, to lower the social security contributions by 5 percentage points, to make reinvested profit tax exempt, to lower VAT on foodstuffs by 9 percent and the overall VAT level from 24 to 19 percent! ACCOMPLISHED. Moreover, we lowered the tax on micro-enterprises and the tax on dividends.
  9. To put a stop to the theft at Hidroelectrica and within the energy sector, to maintain coal-based energy production, to attain national energy security and to stop the rise of energy prices for household consumers – ACCOMPLISHED
  10. To finalise the agreements with IMF/EC/WB but to prove that Romania can function efficiently even without such “special guardianship”! ACCOMPLISHED
  11. To hike annual subsidies for agriculture and especially to pay them in advance, before the start of the season. To reach once again, after 20 years, a positive trade balance in what concerns foodstuffs, by exporting more than we import – ACCOMPLISHED
  12. To put a stop to Police and Gendarmerie layoffs. To pay the employees of those institutions all legal rights. To employ all graduates of the Police Academy and Armed Forces Academies – ACCOMPLISHED
  13. To fully support the construction of the Antimissile System in Deveselu. To buy the first squadron of F-16 fighter jets. To pay all the salary rights of servicemen and to change the retirement system to their benefit – ACCOMPLISHED
  14. To finalise and open to traffic the Danube Bridge at Calafat, the Bucharest-Constanta, Bucharest-Ploiesti, Sibiu-Deva, Nadlac-Arad freeways. To finalise and adopt, jointly with the EU, Romania’s Transport Master Plan – ACCOMPLISHED
  15. To recover most of the almost 800,000 jobs lost by the Romanian economy in 2009-2011. To reduce the unemployment rate below the European average. PARTIALLY ACCOMPLISHED

Of course, there are many other accomplishments to add to this brief review. Non-achievements can be added to an equal extent!

A single one of these non-achievements I regret in particular – I promised that we would NEVER again experience the humiliation, arrogance, contempt and fear experienced in 2010-2011! I categorically did not accomplish this and I apologise to Romanians!

Unfortunately, 2016 points to a RESTAURATION of that period’s Regime, featuring the same totalitarian habits, with Tapalaga, Macovei (as Pruna) and all the gang of Securitate members retreaded in the guise of “fighters for the rule of law,” Blaga still at the controls of the presidential party and Gorghiu in the role of Roberta Anastase, and “the pink pony branded with a swastika” at the Culture Ministry, Soros NGO members and “intellectuals and deontologists” that quickly rallied to Iohannis, in return for fat sinecures, a completely aboulic and paralysed government and a president that has all of Basescu’s faults yet none of his few qualities.

The hope of stopping the Restoration of the “Regime” of 2010-2011 still comes from Romanians, who can vote just as they did in 2012. The important thing is for us, political leaders, to have learned from the mistakes made back then!

And after we destroyed in 2016 most of what was built in 2012-2015, Master Builder Manole will start all over again!,” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook.

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