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March 8, 2021

Zegrean on the recalling of the Lower Chamber Speaker: Regulations state that the group that nominated him can also recall him

The Speaker of the Lower Chamber can be recalled by the parliamentary group that nominated him, in line with the Lower Chamber’s regulations, according to Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) President Augustin Zegrean.

Augustin Zegrean pointed out that the Lower Chamber’s regulations do not prevent a political party from nominating an MP from another group for this office.

“The regulations state that only the group that proposed him can recall him. This is the answer. (…) What do you mean no? Did I say no?” the CCR President stated on Digi24 on Sunday, Agerpres informs.

The statement came after he was asked for his opinion on the fact that current Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea might be recalled after he was kicked out of the parliamentary group that nominated him.

Asked whether Valeriu Zgonea can still be recalled, despite the fact that he is no longer member of the PSD group, the CCR President pointed out: “Yes, (…) since the regulations state that the group that nominated him [recalls him]. The group that nominated him could have nominated someone from another group, someone who was not a member of that group. So a parliamentary group could very well have nominated an MP that was not a member of the group. There is no interdiction.”

For the time being, PSD has postponed suspending Valeriu Zgonea from the office of Lower Chamber Speaker. After Zgonea’s party membership was cancelled, PSD also wanted to remove him from the Lower Chamber Speaker office, however Zgonea resisted, pointing out that he cannot be removed from office by a party whose member he no longer is, according to the Lower Chamber’s regulations.


CCR President: Traian Basescu called me a few times


Augustin Zegrean, President of the CCR in the last 6 years, talked about his relation with former president Traian Basescu. In a talk show on Digi24, Zegrean stated that the former head of state, who nominated him judge at the CCR, called him several times during the 9 years of his tenure.

“He very rarely and never asked me to take a decision. He didn’t tell me “do this” or “take this decision.” Sometimes [he inquired] about deadlines: “When will you analyse that?” Whom else should he have called? I don’t know. So he never gave me a suggestion. That I was and am the president’s man will always stick on me. That’s life, I can’t deny that, he nominated me and that was that. But from that to accusing him of giving me directives… I’m not the man to accept directives from anyone,” Augustin Zegrean stated.

Augustin Zegrean was Senator during Parliament’s first sitting, from 1990 to 1992. He was member of the Commission that drafted the Constitution. From 2004 to 2007, he was member of the Lower Chamber, elected on PD’s lists. He ended his tenure in July 2007, when he was appointed judge at the Constitutional Court, having been nominated by President Traian Basescu. He has been President of the CCR since 2010.

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