Dead bodies of two Romanian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, repatriated

The bodies of two Romanian soldiers killed in Afghanistan at the weekend – posthumous Sub-Lieutenant Adrian and posthumous Sub-Lieutenant Iulian Dumitrescu – were repatriated on Monday evening aboard a CJ 27 Spartan aircraft to the 90th Air Transport Base.

The ceremony started with a performance of the national anthem and continued with a church service in the presence of the families of the dead soldiers, Romania’s Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc and US ambassador in Bucharest Hans Klemm.

“Words fail us to contain our pain right now. (…) They died fighting, weapons in hand, saving others in the process and showing the best of the Romanian Special Operations Forces and its armed forces. Neither I, nor the military leadership of the armed forces has hesitated to clearly say that our heroes fell in the line of duty, sacrificing their lives for the country and us. I am convinced that the Special Operations Forces, our armed forces, will continue even more staunchly to carry out the tough missions entrusted to them. Their comrade, Sergeant Bogdan Dragomir, is in a better shape now and we can hope he will carry forward their hopes and creed. We will never forget them,” Motoc said at the repatriation ceremony.

He extended condolences to the families of the two dead soldiers as well as his personal regrets and the regrets of the entire Romanian armed forces over the death of the two. At the same time, Motoc ensured the soldiers’ relatives of the armed forces’ full support.

“Posthumous Sub-Lieutenant Dumitrescu and posthumous Sub-Lieutenant Vizireanu are inducted into the Pantheon of Romania’s contemporary heroes, to whom we bow respectfully, with admiration and piousness,” said Motoc.

Two Romanian soldiers were killed and one injured in an incident on Saturday morning near Kandahar during a training mission for Afghan police officers, the Defence Ministry (MapN) reported.

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