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November 28, 2022

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Today, as EU and NATO’s biggest member states in CEE, Romania and Poland share a special geopolitical responsibility

The anniversary of the Polish National Day gives us the opportunity to extend our best wishes to our close Polish friends, partners and allies. The intensive political bilateral dialogue during the past year, at the highest political level, is a proof that our relation is built on a solid foundation. We share a common past, common interests and a common future within the Euro Atlantic community.

The Polish Constitution Day brings a time of celebration of a national symbol which stands as a landmark of enlightenment in Polish history and culture, a public good of exceptional value, as one of the first democratic constitutions of the world, one that Condorcet and Thomas Paine acclaimed as a breakthrough. In the words of Adam Zamoyski, a respected historian, “the Constitution of 3 May 1791 had been, as much as anything else, a kind of regenerative act of faith and a pledge of a new start for the Polish project”. Today, as EU and NATO’s biggest member states in Central and Eastern Europe, Romania and Poland   share a special geopolitical responsibility: that of making clear to our allies and partners that our strength and common security is not taken for granted and that we do everything it takes to project stability and prosperity in our region.

At a time of strategic uncertainty, our voices call for unity and solidarity within NATO and the EU.  We do not believe in a divided Europe with core and peripheral areas. We believe in a Europe which is able to make fundamental reforms and overcome internal divisions. And, above all, we believe in a strong Transatlantic link.

Our strengthened regional dialogue in Central and Eastern Europe is part of this effort.  Romania and Poland need to work together so that this part of Europe develops a more powerful voice, able to express a coherent vision on the strategic challenges of our times and offer sustainable solutions. In the present geopolitical context, we stand as providers of security and stability in our region.

Our two countries are promoting a robust NATO and US military presence along NATO’s Eastern flank and we are confident that our co-chairing of the Eastern and Central Europe States Summit in Bucharest, in November last year, as well as the NATO Summit, that will soon be organized in Warsaw, represent stepping stones towards a more solid regional security environment. Poland and Romania are key actors in the process of consolidating the Eastern flank, thus bringing a valuable contribution to the development of a safety belt from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

We are determined to capitalize on our economic, military and diplomatic potential, as well as on our common views with regard to strategic and regional security issues of Euro-Atlantic relevance. Through such “joint ventures” as the reinvigoration of the Eastern Partnership, we aim to provide European solutions for our Eastern neighbourhood.

The main objective in our bilateral cooperation refers to the widening and diversification of our economic relations. Romania must be better known as an economic destination in Poland and vice versa, so that our economic cooperation lives up to our consistent political and security dialogue. Our country is slowly becoming an investment hub for Polish economic interests in the region, while Romanian economic actors are showing an enhanced interest in the Polish markets. In June 2016, a new bilateral Chamber of Commerce will be officially launched in Warsaw. In November 2016, Romania will be partner country of the Warsaw Tourism Fair. These are meaningful steps in the right direction.

We have shared a Strategic Partnership since 2009. A new Action Plan for 2016-2020 was signed in December last year. This document will enable us to advance our cooperation in various sectorial domains, from defence and economy to education and research, from transport and infrastructure to energy and agriculture, from justice and home affairs to culture and youth exchanges. I am certain that the bilateral networks that we are fostering will stand the test of time and will provide a fertile soil for our future and for more ambitious endeavours in the region and in Europe.

We join the Polish people in their celebration of a national symbol, we join Poland as friends and partners, and wish: Niech żyje Polska, niech żyje Rumunia!


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