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October 4, 2022

USL’s restoration, campaign topic for Tariceanu and Ponta

Liberal Democrat Alliance (ALDE) Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu and ex-premier Victor Ponta insisted on Saturday, as a campaign topic for the local elections, on the idea of restoring USL and of a vote similar to the one cast in 2012.

“My expectation, and your expectation I suspect, is for USL, the solid alliance between the Social Democrats and Liberals, the one for which all of you voted, to be restored between PSD and ALDE and for us to win the parliamentary elections at the end of this year in order to resume the proper course of governance registered in the last three years and unfortunately interrupted by the Ciolos-Iohannis government,” Tariceanu stated in Galati.

The ex-premier saluted the idea.

“An initiative that is more than fair and welcome – precisely because it’s May 7, the date on which the USL Government started its effort to reconstruct the country in 2012,” Ponta wrote on Facebook on Saturday evening.

“The hope of stopping the Restoration of the “Regime” of 2010-2011 still comes from Romanians, who can vote just as they did in 2012. The important thing is for us, political leaders, to have learned from the mistakes made back then! And after we destroyed in 2016 most of what was built in 2012-2015, Master Builder Manole will start all over again!,” he wrote on Saturday in an attempt to compare the situation in 2016 with the one in 2012, while pointing out that the current president “has all of Basescu’s faults yet none of his few qualities.”


Liviu Dragnea on USL’s restoration: I don’t believe in reheated broth


The Social Liberal Union (USL) was a good project that enjoyed great success, but a project that died and is history now, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday at the Senate. He thus decided to say pass to ALDE President Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who asked for the restoration of USL.

“USL fell apart. There is a great deal of nostalgia for USL, for the time being we are engaged in an elections campaign. PSD is moving well, it is very well perceived by the population. ALDE, from what I understand, is doing well. USL was a good project that enjoyed great success, but which died. I don’t believe in reheated broth. We can discuss all kinds of political projects, so no option of collaborating with ALDE in the parliamentary elections is ruled out, we actually want that, but not USL, USL is a project that should be left behind, it’s history,” Dragnea stated at a meeting with PSD Senators.

He did not want to comment on the journalists’ remarks that he is contradicting ex-Premier Victor Ponta on this issue, the latter having pleaded for PSD and ALDE to recreate USL.


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