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September 20, 2021

June 5 local elections to consist of single round

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) rejected on Wednesday all 51 challenges to Law no. 115/2015 on the local elections. Monica Macovei, leader of the M10 political party, Lower Chamber lawmaker Daniel Fenechiu and PMP were among the signatories of the challenges filed. The last two challenges filed by journalist Liviu Avram, one of them concerning the one-round mayoral elections issue, were among them. The CCR decision is final, so the June 5 local elections will consist of a single round.

Some challenges concerned the constitutionality of the single-round election system and the minimum number of constituent signatures for candidates. Journalist Liviu Avram, Lower Chamber lawmaker Daniel Fenechiu and several political parties were among the plaintiffs.

A week ago, the Constitutional Court rejected another challenge filed by journalist Liviu Avram on the same issue, deeming it groundless and inadmissible.

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