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August 10, 2022

Mafia of the Health System and SRI’s “reports”

Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) knew everything. Could it be otherwise?… They knew that the disinfectants in the hospitals are diluted. They knew that the patients, our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, sisters, grandfathers and grandmothers, and, most of all, our children, are in danger while they are sitting on the beds in the hospitals or waiting on the surgery tables. They knew that people were dying because of the hospital-acquired infections. They knew that something is covered. All these years, when Romanian journalists (and not only them!) were writing about the terrible things in the Romanian hospitals, when they were showing people getting out of the hospital sicker than they went there, when people started to avoid hospitals, knowing that they “will get something there”, when there were revealed cases of people left without members or organs because of the bacteria in hospitals, even dying, SRI knew everything. SRI also knew about the erasure, literally speaking, of some hospitals in the country, because some bacteria which were deemed to be “obstinate” couldn’t be took out of them, but they were actually treated with pure water. SRI knew about it.

Therefore, we are asking ourselves: Who is more guilty? The one who commits a crime, or the one who knows about it, yet he doesn’t shout loudly to draw up everyone’s attention on what’s happening? Obviously, both of them are guilty. But when you know that people are dying while you limit yourself to filling some official papers in order to inform local council chairmen, prefects, ministers, the Prime-Minister or the President of the country, and then you remain silent since you notice that they don’t care about your reports, aren’t you more guilty than the one who dilutes disinfectants to make more and more money? Doesn’t it mean that you are hiding a truth to the people? Doesn’t it mean that you join to those who attack the national security, exactly the one you swore to protect? Doesn’t it mean that you become part of the mafia which is behind a morbid plan? Doesn’t it mean that you are part of the indifference of the authorities which you pretend that you informed on the situation?

You, SRI, must have had, in all these years when Romanian people died because of the hospital-acquired infections, must have had relatives, friends, dear people who came to the doctor to get well, but instead of this, they got dangerous bacteria due to the unsterilized, insufficiently sterilized or not disinfected instruments, or due to stethoscopes, electrodes, thermometers, toilets, or medical staff’s hands, all of these being insufficiently disinfected because of some substances which were purchased from our money and illegally diluted. It’s not possible for you not to have had. Not in this country, where every man who had something to do in a hospital KNOWS that you go out of there with some bacteria, because we have come to have the totally crazy belief that these are normal. It’s happening in a EU member state, after 2000! And you, SRI, have contributed to this belief.

And if this point of view seems to you undue, and you appreciate that you did your job by sending “around 100 reports” to the authorities in all these years, you, SRI, simply couldn’t have not made the connection between the texts you were writing there, and the burnt young people in the fire at Colectiv, which were transferred to the hospitals abroad, scaring the West with their hospital-acquired infections and being deemed as “bombs”. You just couldn’t have not read the newspapers saying that these young people were coming from underdeveloped countries, and not from a EU member state, skillfully treated by the Romanian doctors and destroyed by killer bacteria which they contacted from their tools disinfected with pure water.

Maybe it was too much for an intelligence service like you, SRI, to come out at TV and say that people are dying because of the mafia of the disinfectants in the hospitals. Right, you just couldn’t do that. It was not one of your tasks. It was not something “official”, it was only a moral thing, maybe. But what if the child, mother or father who died was yours, a SRI employee, because of a bacterium from a hospital having poor quality disinfection products, while you were advised about the truth? How was it? Would you have sent simple reports to the authorities who, well, are saying that they haven’t received such things?

Because, to be noticed, you, SRI, said in your release on Monday that you have sent “reports”, and not alerts! Or, wasn’t really necessary for you to also issue alerts, after the first 10, 20 or 30 “reports”? Maybe somebody would have done something, so people didn’t have to die in hospitals?


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