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November 30, 2022

Unending row over third highest office in the state

The parliamentary commission on the statute of lawmakers decided on Tuesday, with five votes in favour and one against, that Valeriu Zgonea (photo) should automatically lose his Lower Chamber Speaker office after he lost the political backing of the parliamentary group that nominated him.

“In what concerns Mr. Zgonea, it’s relatively simple, because in the statute, namely in Law no.96, which is an organic law, Article 32 clearly stipulates the automatic loss of the office obtained through political support when that political support is withdrawn. Nothing is subjected to voting and the plenum is informed after the joint standing bureaus, because the instruments of the joint Chambers are used, note that the conditions stipulated by Article 32, Paragraph 3, have been met,” Statute Commission Chairman Bogdan Niculescu-Duvaz explained.

He pointed out that the commission’s point of view will be sent to the joint standing bureaus, the latter will note whether Article 32 has been respected, namely whether the political support has been withdrawn, and Valeriu Zgonea will automatically lose his office, the joint standing bureaus’ findings being set to be presented at the plenum meeting. Likewise, Duvaz said that there is no longer the need to modify the Chamber’s Regulations in order to remove Zgonea from office.


Valeriu Zgonea: “Until the plenum takes a different decision, I’m the Speaker of the Lower Chamber”


However, Valeriu Zgonea claims that the statute stipulations invoked by PSD contradict the Lower Chamber Regulations, according to which the Speaker can only be removed from office by the parliamentary group whose member he is.

He pointed out he will respect legal parliamentary procedures and will not oppose them in what concerns his dismissal.

“What matters to me is for this office to be taken over legally, namely in line with the regulations, by a member of the Lower Chamber. (…) I’m only asking for legal provisions to be respected. (…) We have been vying over an office for the past two or three weeks. Instead of vying over a solution for the healthcare system, for the education system. I’m not vying for any office. I’m Speaker of the Chamber. Until the Chamber’s plenum takes a different decision, I’m Speaker of the Chamber and I’m doing my job respectfully,” Valeriu Zgonea said.

He explained that “the joint standing bureaus have no prerogative over the Lower Chamber’s plenum,” when asked whether that body should take note of the Statute Commission’s decision.

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