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May 13, 2021

Israel, a very important economic and cultural partner of Romania

Israel and Romania have very strong friendly relations, based on a long tradition of cooperation and historic bonds, but also on common values and vision shared by the two peoples. The diplomatic relations between the two countries were established when Romania recognized the State of Israel, immediately after its creation, on 11 June 1948.

Between 1967 and1989, Romania was the only country from the Soviet space which had continuous relations with Israel, which in turn offered it a special position in Israel’s foreign policy.

The connection between Romania and Israel is historic also from the perspective of a large Jewish community in Romania since the 15th century, which after the Second World War and massive immigration to Israel, still represents a significant community in the country.

Over the years, Romania has become an important partner of Israel in Central and Eastern Europe, as the two countries share similar values and principles. Thus, the cooperation between Israel and Romania has grown stronger in many areas, such as political, commercial, economic, defense, and cultural relations. The closeness of ties between the two Governments is manifested through mutual visits of high-ranking officials and dignitaries, most notably in recent years.

Israel-Romania long-standing strategic and political cooperation is emphasized by the extensive exchanges of high-level visits, culminating with the state visit of president Klaus Iohannis to Jerusalem, this March (photo).

The significant number of agreements and protocols signed in those meetings covered a wide spectrum of fields, like defense, agriculture, health, labour, IT, telecommunication, education, culture and more. Furthermore, new areas of potential cooperation were identified, such as cyber security, energy, and applied research and development (R&D).

However, commercial links are the key drive in the bilateral relations, with increasing interest from business communities on both sides. The rising number of economic forums that have taken place in recent months highlights the prospects for more trade and investment partnerships. In fact, in various sectors, Romania and Israel are complimentary to each other. Therefore, there are tremendous opportunities in combining the expertise, including by absorbing EU funds.

In addition to the strong political and economic bilateral relationship, the two countries enjoy rich academic and cultural exchanges, reflected in many events and a significant number of scholars and artists.

Cultural-scientific relations between Romania and the State of Israel are defined by the Agreement of cultural, educational and technical-scientific relations, signed by the representatives of the governments of the two countries in 1979.

The bilateral agreement is reinforced on a regular basis by programs of bilateral relations in the field.

Cooperation protocols were signed between the two countries. The documents contain stipulations which establish in detail the aspects of cooperation in the cultural and technical-scientific domains, as well as aspects of the Romanian – Israeli collaboration in domains such as the protection of the archeological patrimony, the interception of illegal trade with archeological vestiges and patrimony goods.


(*Compiled from press information received from the Embassy of the State of Israel to Romania)


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