PNL’s Predoiu: Lawmakers should no longer be secluded. Bucharest has to sit at the Government’s table

Catalin Predoiu, National Liberal Party’s (PNL) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated on Tuesday that lawmakers should not stay away from people, surrounded by walls and cars, stating that the mistakes of the past have to be set right and “Bucharest should sit at the Government’s table.”

“We support this project of the Great Garden around Parliament, which would give back to the District a green area that belongs to it. I don’t see why lawmakers should stand secluded, surrounded by walls and cars, far away from people. It’s good neither for the people nor for the citizens that serve as lawmakers,” PNL’s candidate stated at a meeting with citizens where he talked, alongside Ovidiu Raetchi, PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest District 5 Mayoralty, about the Liberals’ solutions for Bucharest.

“District 5 has the smallest green area compared to its total surface area and number of people. It’s a district deprived from this standpoint too,” Predoiu said, pointing out that this is “the result of previous administrations’ lack of vision in developing this district.”

He explained that the wall built around the Palace of Parliament inconveniences and “symbolically it explains past mentalities, the barricading of politics through walls.” “The tearing down of this wall is a symbolic gesture, free access around Parliament and the taking back of the green area,” Predoiu concluded, adding that in other European countries lawmakers leave the Legislative’s building and go out into the street and talk with people, without having the need for newspapers, magazines and television sets.

“We are not interested in who made mistakes in the past. It’s time to say both who made mistakes and who did well, regardless of the side. So, the fact that other colleagues of ours, from another generation, made certain mistakes does not prevent us from setting them right. Look at me, I’m looking into your eyes. If Videanu made mistakes, we have to set right what Videanu did wrong. If Basescu made mistakes, we have to set them right. If Iliescu, Constantinescu, whoever you like,” Predoiu answered a question about Adriean Videanu’s tenure as Bucharest Mayor.

The PNL candidate underscored that “Bucharest has to sit at the Government’s table.”

“Bucharest contributes over 20 percent of GDP to the state budget and the Prime Minister, regardless who he is and the member of whose party he is, has to take heed that without Bucharest he cannot develop Romania. As a Bucharest Mayor, I will say this very loudly, Bucharest has to sit at the Government’s table and the Government should better solve Bucharest’s problems, because the country’s development depends on Bucharest’s development. The beltway and the subway network have to be solved in collaboration, Government – City Hall, rapidly. You solve downtown traffic [congestion] with solutions at the city periphery,” Predoiu added, according to Mediafax.

In his turn, Ovidiu Raetchi, the one who proposed the tearing down of the wall around the Palace of Parliament and the Great Garden project, stated that District 5 can become one of the leading districts when it comes to green area.

“District 5 fares worst when it comes to green area in Bucharest, we have 2 metres of green area per capita, the average imposed by the EU is somewhere around 26 [metres], so we are close to the minimum level. By bringing back into the public circuit the [green] area at the Palace of Parliament, bringing back into the public circuit, through reforestation, the Academy House area, which currently is indeed a public risk area, we would win dozens of hectares and we would turn District 5 from a laggard into one of the front-ranking districts in Bucharest. All this area is the Uranus [neighbourhood] which was erased from the map by Ceausescu before 1989,” Ovidiu Raetchi argued.

In what concerns the Liberals’ other projects for the district that was led, for 10 years, by Marian Vanghelie, he announced that “improving the energy performance of buildings is the top priority.”

Present at the meeting with the citizens, Ciprian Ciucu advised the Liberals “to do what they promised.”

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