Controversies at PNL after Piedone decides to back Sava in District 4

Former PSD member Cristian Popescu Piedone, the Bucharest District 4 Mayor who was suspended following last year’s Colectiv nightclub fire tragedy and whose candidacy in this year’s local elections was not accepted, is not giving up on his political plans. On Thursday, he struck a deal with Razvan Sava (photo), PNL’s candidate for the District 4 Mayoralty, and will back him in the elections campaign. At the same time, Sava will win the votes of the Humanist Power Social-Liberal Party (PPUSL) whose member and branch leader Piedone recently became.

The existence of the deal was confirmed by Sava on his Facebook page: “Mr. Cristian Popescu Piedone has decided to back my candidacy for the office of District 4 Mayor, since his party, PPUSL, does not have a candidate for this office. Likewise, Mr. Piedone is backing the list of PPUSL local council candidates, a list he in fact opens. Both I and my PNL District 4 colleagues support PNL’s list of local council candidates,” Razvan Sava wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

Cristian Popescu Piedone is PPUSL’s candidate for the Local Council and still enjoys significant approval among District 4 voters, despite the fact that National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have arraigned him for malfeasance in office in the Colectiv case.


Vasile Blaga: We form alliances with absolutely no one


Shortly after the news became public, PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga reacted, stating that Piedone’s backing for PNL’s candidate in District 4 is damaging for PNL, adding that he will discuss with Sava and that PNL is not forming alliances with anyone.

“We form alliances with absolutely no one. It’s Mr. Razvan Sava’s personal position, with which I disagree. We are forming an alliance with absolutely no one, we are forming an alliance with Bucharesters,” Vasile Blaga stated when asked to comment on the fact that Piedone is offering the Liberal candidate political support, support that Razvan Sava himself announced.

Asked whether Piedone’s backing for Razvan Sava is damaging for PNL, Blaga answered: “I believe it is.”

Blaga added that PNL has to have a talk with Sava. “We will back Razvan Sava, but we have to talk with him,” Vasile Blaga pointed out.

After Razvan Sava announced on Thursday that former Bucharest District 4 Mayor Popescu-Piedone supports his candidacy for the district mayoralty, Catalin Predoiu’s reaction was not late in coming. PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall stated briefly but comprehensively that PNL is not forming alliances with anyone.

“PNL Bucharest is not forming pre-electoral alliances with anyone,” Predoiu said in a communique remitted to the press.


Razvan Sava: “There is no negotiation, no deal between parties”


Subsequently, Sava explained for Mediafax his position toward PNL. “Mr. Cristian Popescu Piedone backs my bid for the District 4 Mayoralty. I continue to be a member of PNL and to support PNL members for the District 4 Mayoralty’s Local Council. He expressed his intention to back my candidacy since PPUSL does not have a candidate for the district mayoralty,” Razvan Sava stated for Mediafax, pointing out that there is no agreement and no negotiations between PNL and PPUSL.

Razvan Sava states that he met Piedone in public “on several occasions.” “There is no negotiation, no deal between parties,” Sava added.

The Liberal pointed out that in the following days he will conduct another survey in District 4 in order to see with what chances he is credited in the June 5 local elections. “I will conduct a survey. These days we will start a survey. I am measuring my chances as a candidate,” Razvan Sava stated, adding that the survey is not ordered by PNL.

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