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February 28, 2021

We are fighting and you win

 “The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow” (Herbert George Wells)


Achimas Cadariu leaves the seat of the Health Minister.

PM Ciolos takes also the Health portfolio. The moment and the gesture are seen as apotheotic and having an almost sacred meaning, in this period and in this battle of the war of Hexi Pharma against via the Health system.

PM Ciolos talks to Mr. Hellvig, head of SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service), on the topic of the hurricane created by the Hexi Pharma scandal.

Mr. Hellvig explains to Mr. Ciolos he sent over 100 reports in the last 5 years, on the malfunctions in the Health public system, including on the nosocomial infections phenomenon.

Dacian Ciolos pretends that he never heard about this.

In accordance with the governmental orchestra and with the one of the state structures, Liviu Dragnea suggests CSAT to urgently organize a session, considering that health is a matter of security for the citizens, and, consequently, for the country.

In the context of this landscape, which seems to be taken out of an apocalyptic movie, the political world, the underground political world, mind its own business, with tenacity and with the accuracy of a metronome.

Ici şi colo, în toată această nebunie şi frenezie ce au cuprins România şi în care medicamentele, biocidele, serviciile secrete, germenii, miniştrii, liderii de partide, parlamentarii şi primarii migratori, protestele de stradă, jurnaliştii sportivi transformaţi peste noapte în adevăraţi Sherlock Holmes şi în candidaţi electorali ideali, sfaturile electorale ale preşedintelui Iohannis către poporul alegător, ieşirile intempestive şi cinice ale lui Victor Ponta la adresa preşedintelui Iohannis, etc., etc., etc., se mai trezeşte câte un român, întrebându-se retoric: “ Bre, dar, totuşi, nu sunt alegeri anul ăsta?!”, după ce este lovit de o bruscă revelaţie în timp ce dă cu ochii de câte un bener sau flaier cu care i se încrucişează privirea în mod accidental.

Here and there, in all this madness and frenzy covering Romania and including medicines, biocides, secret services, viruses, ministers, party leaders, parliamentarians and migrating mayors, street protests, sport journalists suddenly transformed in Sherlock Holmes and in ideal electoral candidates, electoral advices of President Iohannis to the electorate, Victor Ponta’s unexpected and cynical reactions towards President Iohannis, etc., etc., etc., some Romanian people are rhetorically asking themselves: “Man, yet, don’t we have elections this year?!”, after being hit by a sudden revelation while he is accidentally watching a banner or a flyer.

Oh yes, indeed, this year we do have elections. And now, we are right in the middle of the first round of elections.

But what makes the Romanian elector to remain completely indifferent and separated from this reality is exactly what happens with this electoral campaign, making that any other electoral issue to pale in terms of importance and impact, comparing to the huge machinery of political-Media show which is continuously shooting, day and night, every Romanian’s mind.

Achimas Cadariu’s resignation, ex-minister of Health in the current technocrat Government, a Government which 7 months earlier was representing the relief and the irrefutable proof that people’s will and street will are above the political interests of any part of the state, confirms the moment of a benchmark, a  neuralgic point, and to turn a huge spotlight from the dark areas of the political underground which I was talking about, which is filthy and full of pathogen deadly viruses, to a “truth” which Mass-Media carefully prepares with dedication and persuasion since more than 7 months. A technocrat Government is a Government born to fail, in a Romania which obeys to the political orders, and not to the voice of reason and common sense.

Once the “head” of the Health Ministry is down, in one way or another, a strange but interesting and well done algorithm completes a picture which should lead us to a unique and final conclusion: the attempt to suffocate and to annihilate an entire political octopus born and raised thoroughly in 27 years, brings with it a bunch of dangerous replies, which not only that will not stabilize the state system in any way and will not help it to radically change, but they will threaten the core of the state itself, namely the state democracy and its rules.

I remember that in the days when more than 50 thousand people were shouting out in the street with all their energy that they wish the change of the entire current political class, politicians jointly answered, too, on one voice and in the same cynical manner smiling in their mouth’s corner with an infinite and tired irony in their eyes:  “So, who do you intend to put in our place?”

I was writing then, that the idea of a technocrat Government is not only an aberrant one due to the impossibility to exist such a political formula for a Government, but especially an extremely dangerous idea, because of the unexpected, extremely volatile and explosive ways which it opens, considering that the political world can create an extremely convenient and comfortable look, a real smoke curtain made with the support of the people and at their order, helping it to unimpeded continue its job, started 20 years ago, making us to think that things are solved now and everything is perfect.

The political intermezzo presented by Ciolos Government proved to be a necessary stage, but more than this, especially a vital one in the so-called process of the great change of political paradigm of the last 27 years.

Well, some will say, and what does this have to do with the election campaign?

Well, all these things, plus some other issues which, although can be seen by anybody, are now only topics and arguments to irritate people on various subjects, all of these consist in the plan of campaign which the political class (the same denaturized one, so hated by the same nation!) unfolds right under our sight, and no one from those who, in only 3 weeks, will put the vote stamp on one of the guys representing the undeniable “offer”  (and when I say undeniable, I am not referring to the figurative meaning of the word, or to a subtle irony, but simply to an obvious truth which is serious and impossible to be removed), no one can realize with awareness  about the dimensions and the amplitude of the disaster to which we are going like a night walker.

Because this campaign has started long ago, not now.

It started since the presidential campaign, being designed to take place “step by step”, on a “technocrat” pattern, with the support of the thinking and of the genius of the same political class which distributes the power and makes rules in Romania for more than twenty years.

But people started it and people are now gathering what it has been seeded.

Why there is no electoral offer worthy to be considered and why do we have the situation that this campaign almost doesn’t exist technically speaking?

Simply because the old political structures to which the street asked 7 months ago to make their luggage and to disappear from the nation’s sight, understood the disappearing idea. And they obeyed.

The campaign is running. And it’s the same as it was 4 years, 8 years, 12 years ago, etc.

Only that this time, parties jointly established that the political left and right have to create another source of electoral diversion – the national scandals on the preferred topics of the Romanian people: CORRUPTION.

And of course, the main ingredients cannot miss from where it’s about the big corruption and politics and its interference in the important structures of the state (actually, in all that state means).

I am talking about those ingredients making everything to be more exciting, more thrilling, more shocking and more touching: the Intelligence services of the state, Justice, the hostile foreign agencies, organized crime, economic crime, deadly state secrets, heavy names with impact, involved in abominable things, life and death fights between good and evil, public execution to please the crowds and, finally, the dismantle of the Messianic Government and collapsing the statue of the god of the nation built for the President Klaus Iohannis.

This campaign does not represent anything else but the overture to the great ritual sacrifice which will take place in the area of the current Executive and of the Presidency right after ending the games of the local elections and in the break between the two electoral rounds.

Because this Government and this President were made by the golden rule of the two sides of the same coin.

And the coin bears the same name: POWER.

The circle of this coin will close in the autumn, on the occasion of the election of the new Parliament, when a new Government will automatically be installed by this new Parliament, giving it to Romanian nation and to Romania for the next 4 years.

It’s a very convenient assignation and mandate, according to the new trend of requirements and demands at the European and national level, which will have an impact until the moment when the games are definitively and well made, being successfully ended.

Besides, you only have to look over the lists with the candidates of the 6 districts of the Capital, to understand that everything is a simple book of stories to make children sleep.

And if you decide to watch the poor game this puppets are playing in the so-called TV shows, doesn’t matter if you know only few things in politics or in the matter of the electoral campaign backstage, you can easily see the whole masquerade which these puppets perform. It’s more than striking that everything happening with these “candidates” and everything they offer in terms of image, speech and campaign programs, is nothing else than a superfluous thing, having no meaning, no target and no reasonable electoral argument. The language of the today’s candidates is much under the wooden language of the well known speeches of the left and under the fancy demagogy with a democrat look of the right, which were served in all the previous campaigns (so it can be worse!).

Just to give a small example, today I made an exercise of patience, watching one of the TV channels which, so to say, created a tournament of the candidates for the town halls of the Capital, so I witnessed their pitiful and embarrassing confrontation between two of the women being candidates for the mayor position at the 3rd District.

For one hour, the two ladies from the TV studio were trying in rounds of 15 minutes, interrupted by another 15 minutes of advertising, to plead for their cause arguing why each one of them is the best choice for the mayor position of the 3rd District of Bucharest.

After this hour of watching the two women who seemed to be brought from the street, being chosen to present themselves at the TV in a totally random way, without any relation with the meaning of the terms: electoral campaign, a candidate which is prepared to face other candidates, well trained, professionally prepared, perfectly in control and knowing the real PROBLEMS OF THE 3RD District and the entire Bucharest, all that I could see was a pitiful and pathetic coarseness (sorry for using this direct and hard word, in its exact reality), sprinkled with plenty of stammering, naive approaches and totally out of the serious and urgent matters of this district, who’s resident it happens for me to be. Two women unfocused and out of tune from the smallest issue related to the reason why they were in that TV studio.

Programs and campaign solutions? None!

Charisma and impact power? Disastrously!

Pros and cons on social, economic, urban, human and financial matters, etc., etc.? ……

But, right after this “electoral hour”, in the program of the mentioned channel it was instantly and powerfully replayed the top subject of the day, namely Hexi Pharma scandal, which now has a new appendix and a continuation, a very natural one, I would say: the tragedy of the death of the young football player from Dinamo.

Besides, Vasile Blaga was saying these days: “In this electoral campaign, games are made between PSD and PNL, the others are not important”.

I guess this tells everything about the direction and the final purpose of the current electoral campaign and the political algorithm behind the whole light and shadow show we are watching.

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