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January 19, 2022

Enrique Iglesias, mega-concert in Bucharest

Being for the third time in Romania, after the concert in 2002 and the New Year at Romexpo in 2009, Enrique Iglesias kept the promise he made to the Romanian people through a video message posted on Facebook, namely to offer them an extraordinary show.

On Thursday evening, starting at 9.00 pm, thousands of Romanians had the opportunity to assist to the magical show performed by Enrique at Romexpo, within “Sex and Love” tour. I was one of the lucky people.

Although the concert was scheduled to start at 8.00 pm, it began one hour later, but all of us being there gave away this small inconvenience and left ourselves filled by the spell of the Latino music. Enrique and his band delighted the audience with their songs, and the spectators sang and danced together with the famous artist more than one hour and a half. “Bailando”, “Hero” or “Ring My Bells” are a few of the songs which animated the atmosphere and which fans sang in English or Spanish, depending on the situation, making Enrique exclaim: “You are incredible!” .

Enrique has interacted very well with the audience during the whole show, he danced and he even went down from the stage among the spectators, being very appreciated by them for this moment. The artist invited a fan, Valentin from Focsani, less than 20 years old, to come up on the stage. The latter was excited to share a glass with his idol, which he learned to say “Hi!” and “Hello!” in Romanian. Being obviously touched, Valentin sang “Stand By Me” together with the music star and the public.

The show was complemented by an impressive game of lights, confetti and lots of white balloons imprinted with the tournament name “Sex and Love”. The concert ended, how else than in the audience cheers. All of us can hardly wait for a new Enrique Iglesias concert in Romania.


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