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March 4, 2021

35 years since the first space flight of a Romanian: President Iohannis backs efforts to peacefully explore outer space and promote education through science

President Klaus Iohannis received on Tuesday at the Cotroceni Palace Romania’s first space traveler Dumitru Prunariu     (photo L)  accompanied by a delegation of astronauts and cosmonauts, on the occasion of the celebration of 35 years since the first space flight of a Romanian.

According to a Presidential Administration release, President Iohannis stressed the importance of supporting European and international peaceful space exploration efforts and promote education through science.

The head of the state also mentioned that the country project he committed to – “Educated Romania” – includes support for events that promote space science, space technology and engineering.

“Both sides agreed that education must become a source of inspiration to ensure optimum development conditions for those who want to pursue a career in space science,” the release says.

Also approached at the meeting were subjects related to Romania’s contribution and special involvement in numerous international spatial technology research and development projects through research institutes and experts in the field, and to the states’ joint efforts towards international cooperation in the exploration of outer space.

“In this context, the 35th anniversary of the first space flight of a Romanian contributes to reaffirming Romania’s role in the research of outer space,” the release reads.

President of the Romanian Space Agency Ioan Piso also attended the meeting at the Cotroceni Palace.

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