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June 28, 2022

Endava reaches 1500 employees in Romania

+After 10 years of presence on the market, the company owns four centers for software and IT services


 During the last months, Endava, one of the fast growing IT services companies in the region, has extended its team in its largest center in Romania, located at Cluj-Napoca, reaching over 700 full time employees for this location, out of a total of more than 1500 employees working at the local level.

 The company also celebrates 10 years of presence on the Romanian market, currently delivering, from the four centers which are opened in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Iasi and Pitesti, software solutions and IT services for clients activating in various areas, from the finances to the insurance, retail and technology.

“More than celebrating a number of 700 employees, this moments celebrates each one’s contribution  to the successful story of Endava during all these years and the strenghtening of an organizational culture which led us to be a top employer in the IT industry for three consecutive years in Romania, one of our biggest geography”, stated the Endava CEO John Cotterell, who was present at the internal event organized for the employees from Cluj.

“We are glad to have positive results, since the company’s development at the group level creates a favorable context to keep a good growing pace at the local level and to develop attractive career opportunities for our employees. We wish the most to create special experiences and a positive environment for people in our teams, and in the future we want to continue to be active in the local community”, added Isabela Buhai, Delivery Unit Manager for the Cluj-Napoca developing center.

 Among the company’s main projects until now, provided by Cluj-Napoca center, we can find Trinity Mirror, a publication with over 260 titles in GB; R&A, the organization managing the oldest and the most famous worldide gulf championship, and Worldplay, one of the most important payment processors in the global FinTech industry, which is also the biggest Endava customer.

The Cluj-Napoca center also hosts the Managed Services Department, who’s Service Desk team was awarded for Best Managed Service Desk in 2014, this prize being one of the most important prizes in the European IT support services field.

During 2016, the company’s representatives intend to perform recruitment in an active manner, in all of the centers, expecting the growth of the number of employees at the group level to be at least 25 percent. The internal event dedicated to the Endava team in Cluj-Napoca offered the opportunity for the employees to involve in more activities designed to mark this special anniversary moment.Endava is a top company in the IT services field, with more than 2750 full time employees. Being headquartered in London, Endava has offices in GB, USA, Germany, Romania, Macedonia, Moldova and Serbia, and achieved annual revenue of 84 million pounds, meaning 114 million Euros for the tax year July 2014 – June 2015, which made it to be a leader in providing IT services.




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