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February 1, 2023

First private astronomic observatory in Romania to be built at Therme Bucharest, investment estimated at EUR 1 million

In the near future, the relaxing, wellness and entertainment center will include the first private astronomic observatory in our country. The observatory, bearing the name of the great Romanian astronaut Dumitru Prunariu, will be built within the area of Therme Bucharest in the next months and will be equipped with cutting-edge technologies. The investment is estimated at around EUR 1 million.

The observatory is dedicated to the specialists in the field, to the universities who wish to make research activities and scientific observations, as well as to the amateur astronomers, and least but not last, to the children, pupils and students.

The observatory will consist in a main building which will include a planetarium having a cupola with a diameter of 5 meters and a capacity for 20-30 spectators, another cupola with a diameter of 4 meters, hosting a Ritchey Chretien telescope with an opening of 500 mm (similar to the famous Hubble telescope), designed to be used by specialists, a space for exhibitions and an astro-boutique, from where you may purchase souvenirs and astro-photo products.

Right next to the main building, four cupolas with a diameter of 2.5-3 meters will be built to host four instruments dedicated to the astronomy enthusiasts: a telescope with an aperture of 180-200 mm, dedicated for the study of the planets, galaxies, nebulae and other far located sky objects; a catadioptric telescope (Cassegrain) with an aperture of 400 mm, appropriate for “deep sky” observations (observations of the sky objects which are far away), and a solar telescope which will help you to see the Sun and, least but not last, a Newtonian telescope with an aperture of 400 mm.

All these equipments are accompanied by professional and semiprofessional accessories, eyepieces, filters, extremely performant cameras, specialized in observing the stars, filters for observing and studying the Sun, focusers and other mandatory accessories for the science of astronomy.

Having the mission to encourage the public to discover the benefits of science in the day-to-day life, Therme Bucharest has joined the Discovery Romania campaign, by hosting the second day of the event called ASTROFEST and by launching the program GALAXY EXPLORERS. ASTROFEST is an event marking 35 years since the flight of Dumitru Prunariu in space, organized in partnership with Discovery Romania and Science and Technique magazine.

Under the shield of Galaxy Explorers, from May 15 to June 12, Therme Bucharest will host astro-photography exhibitions, workshops and scientific lectures about space and our galaxy, as well as astronomic observations, in every weekend of the mentioned period.

Therme Bucharest is the biggest wellness and entertainment thermal center in Europe, greenfield built, on an area of 250,000 sq m, with a total area of over 30,000 sq m. Bucharest Therme investment is performed by A-HEAT GROUP AG, a corporation headquartered in Vienna.



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