Hospital disinfectants case:Judges want prosecutors investigated in Hexi Pharma scandal

The National Union of Romanian Judges asked the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) on Monday to notify the Judicial Inspection in order for it to verify and publicly communicate the way in which the prosecutor’s offices used “data and information” received from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) over the last ten years in what concerns possible felonies in which Hexi Pharma was involved, “including those concerning possible fixed tenders and the dilution of disinfectants sold to hospitals.”

In a public communiqué dated May 9, SRI admitted that in the last five years alone it sent to legal beneficiaries over 100 intelligence reports on “issues concerning the phenomenon of nosocomial infections within hospitals,” reports that “also presented aspects concerning the improper quality of disinfectants used within Romanian hospitals,” the letter shows.

SRI is obliged by law no.14/1992, Article 11, to “forward to prosecution bodies data and information that point to the committing of crimes.”

“SRI’s communiqué obviously shows that SRI took note about “data and information pointing to the preparation and committing of crimes.” SRI itself links the dilution of disinfectants and nosocomial infections, infections that lead to illnesses and deaths,” the judges said.

“This frightening reality was recently noted by verifications conducted by the Health Ministry, which resulted in the suspension of surgeries in several hospitals,” the judges add.

“The prosecutors’ offices’ use of intelligence reports sent by SRI could have prevented thousands of Romanians catching illnesses or dying in the last 10 years,” the judges say.

A European Commission reported, dated 2012, shows that over 60,000 avoidable deaths are taking place in Romania every year, deaths that could be avoided if hospital standards were at optimal parameters.


Verifications in diluted disinfectants case


At this moment verifications are ongoing in all hospitals in order to establish whether disinfectants bought from Hexi Pharma are being used.

“The Health Ministry has asked all Romanian prefectures and the prefectures in their turn have asked local administrations to conduct verifications into the materials used by hospitals, whether Hexi Pharma products have been procured,” Bihor County Council Chairman Horia Cartis stated for Digi24.


Court bans drug maker Hexi Pharma from dissolving, selling assets


Bucharest District 5 Courthouse on Monday banned drug maker Hexi Pharma from dissolving, selling assets, making and selling biocides for two months, as it responded to a request to this end filed by the General Prosecution Office.

“In sustaining the prosecution’s request, for hampering disease control, it is hereby ordering Hexi Pharma to take the following preventive actions, May 16 – July 14 included: no initiation of dissolution or liquidation procedures; suspending any pending dissolution or liquidation, no merging, dividing or shrinking capital, no selling of assets, no payments or cash transfers, save for the ones necessary for paying utility bills and wages, no making of or trading in biocides. Challengeable within 24 hours of communication,” reads the court’s ruling according to Agerpres.

The Prosecution Office is said to have filed the request in order to preclude Hexi Pharma from dissolution following the company’s filing for insolvency.

Drug maker Hexi Pharma on Friday was indicted by the General Prosecution Office for hindering disease combat in a case of diluted disinfectants in hospitals.

Last week, Hexi Pharma Co. SRL filed for insolvency with the Bucharest Tribunal arguing that it can no longer cope with commercial and tax debts because of unfavorable economic developments.

In its application for insolvency filed with the Bucharest Tribunal, Hexi Pharma, owned by Dan Condrea, claims that it has 23.4 million lei in outstanding tax arrears and unpaid bills to suppliers, while also being more than 20 million euros in debt to two companies registered in Cyprus. The two companies allegedly are Hatom Limited Limassol and Chemical&Pharmaceutical Sol LTD Nicosia, which Rise Project investigative journalists claim are two off-shore companies controlled by the owner of Hexi Pharma, Dan Condrea.

The Hexi Pharma company was the first mentioned in a media reports, subsequently resulting in criminal investigations and other inquiries of state authorities on diluted disinfectants used in hospitals.


Former President Basescu denies getting intel on Hexi Pharma company


Former President Traian Basescu denied getting any information from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) on the Hexi Pharma company, during his two terms in office.

“About the healthcare system, yes, the SRI is right, they sent many information notes. At any rate, none about Hexi Pharma and not to the President,” Basescu asserted on Sunday at the Romania TV private television.

“Only a criminal state would classify information of impact on citizens’ safety, if such information exists. (…) When information is of public interest, affecting the citizens’ safety, SRI cannot rely on state secrets,” he said.


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