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February 25, 2021

The anger I feel, the less I talk with Klaus Iohannis

Visibly annoyed and discomforted by the president Iohannis refusal to invite him to Cotroceni for Europe’s Day, Liviu Dragnea, the leader of the present left wing, couldn’t abstain himself not to taunt Klaus Iohannis (besides, also the scorpion from the well-known fable couldn’t abstain not to prick the poor turtle who was carrying him through the water, a character feature being typical, it seems, to the arachnids species and also to the Scorpio sign who gave Romania not less than two presidents of the state so far), confessing that this kind of decision is hard to judge.

Furthermore, for his sting to be complete and for it to aim more than the person and gesture of president Iohannis, Liviu Dragnea claimed that, I quote: ….he didn’t want to associate with the PSD, has partnered with Traian Basescu. Birds of a feather flock together.

However great the personal hassle and anger of the leader of the left, such affirmations made in moments not quite neutral from the political point of view and not without a clear reference and records of the fact that the president Klaus Iohannis has tipped the current political balance by this firm gesture in order to dissociate himself from the name and image of such important political leader, for reasons attributable, seemingly, to the fact that he would have serious problems with the law, but, meanwhile, associating his name and image with another leader, one who-apparently- doesn’t have this kind of problems and, in the unanimous view was and still is a representative figure and name of the Romanian right wing, automatically rise a giant question mark: How involved is Klaus Iohannis in the underground interparty struggle for power?

It is well known that, in Romania, the state president’s person never could remain outside the political power games of one party or another of Romania’s political arena, though constitutionally the president should remain outside any political party option and veto during his tenure.

But, as in the case of the technocrat Government, the current president of the country, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, although arrived at the Cotroceni seat on the German Christian Democratic branch via the Romanian Liberal branch, almost immediately after his installation at the helm, has created a real smokescreen in his true tendencies and the political sympathies, bowing each time in the key moments as less Romanian visions and more Western and especially European interests dictated and commanded him.

So, it can be said that we don’t have a president of a national customary nature, but we have a monovalent European one.

And this kind of opaque and too little lax or empathic “impartiality” to everything that means Romanian political party and left-right coalition trends that Klaus Iohannis has been showing since his presidency setup, brought in the heart of the domestic politics the need to create counterforce field whose resultant is this release within the very soul of the two major political cores fighting over supremacy and power at this point in Romania- PSD and PNL.

The presidential hermetic nature did nothing else than to scatter and put into anarchy even harder what was in a visible Brownian movement anyway, and the result is clearly showing where else than in what is happening now on the map of the electoral candidacies for the local elections.

PRU, PNL, PMP, PER, ALDE, USB, PNŢCD, PSR, PDS, ProDemo, The Republican Party, PSD+UNPR Alliance, The United Romania Party, The Liberal Movement Party, in total, 56 entered in the electoral race for Capital’s General Mayor and Bucharest district mayors. And this bizarre carousel of party logos replicates in each county with all its bigger and smaller townships.

A real political mushroom farm appeared overnight.

Why, where from and what for?


Exactly for the very reasons I’ve mentioned above and in the past: When the real political argument is missing and when an entire political class is obsolete by the situation, times and the ability to  empathize or sympathize with any part of the civil society and therefore with the rightful voter, then a diversion is created, literally breaking the stiffed, worn and weary edifice of power and dividing it into smaller pieces that are easier to swallow, to manipulate and which confuse the voting citizens of the country.

In Romania, it is already well-known the political alliances formula made around elections years. See the last one, USL, which about Liviu Dragnea now says that is “a history that should remain buried” and which lost its effect for which it was destined and targeted.

The same USL that Mr. Tariceanu in his turn invokes to be reanimated and revived in a savior manner for the next tranche of elections, the parliamentary ones.

So, this is, most of the times, the ingredient of the antagonistic statements shooting between leaders and politicians nevertheless with the same purposes and interests, that represents the basis of the diversion practiced on the electorate.

But, what is in fact the novelty of the current pattern of this “sprinkler” electoral campaign  is not only the fact that the alliances have been avoided de facto and as loudly as possible in ”the traditional political befriending season” which was established in the past years, but it is quite the opposite case- We spread to have a place to gather again, to rejoin, to make friends and to (re)make alliances right after the things will be done and the game will be over.

Like it is said, follow the principle: “If you cannot convince them, confuse them!”

What for? The reason is notorious even for a kindergarten child, a generation which, nevertheless, as I see it, is well informed regarding political issues and politicians.

And now, let’s return to the reason of Mr. Dragnea’s grief regarding president Iohannis tendency towards Traian Băsescu, and not towards the left wing and the person of its leader.

What might be the link between these political figures and the current electoral campaign?

Well, in this case, same Mr. Dragnea abundantly gives us the answer: “As far as I am concerned, as far as we are concerned, it was an open wide, publicly assumed, publicly expressed, also directly communicated to the president, to create a political framework, a political dialogue between Parliament’s political forces  and President for the country’s stability, including a fair relationship with the Government and to lay the foundations for a healthy development project for Romania. Unfortunately, this was not perceived, no one wanted it, it was not understood, the reason isn’t so important, but the thing is  that we have not received anything from that part, neither I nor PSD. So from this point of view we do not have any relationship anymore, we cannot have one.”

Elections are about POLITICAL STABILITY and about SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC STABILITY for the country’s and for each one of us, and how this stability can be achieved through the political forces involved, from the president to the last aldermen (a political player too) in the most obscure corner of the country, depends not only on the citizens who go to the ballot box on June 5 or November this year, but also on the way in which those who make politics in this country understand to manage everything that happens in this state, from the presidential chair to the ballot box.

And if today would be June 5 (and it will be soon), how and what should I do, the voter, the citizen who swims throughout this tide of political parties and political candidates who not only that are not saying anything to me personally, but they cannot say anything good and promising for my present and my future as a citizen of the district, of the city and the country in which I am living? And how should I watch this bewildering and spiteful feud between the gods of the domestic political Olympus?!

That’s why, I, for one, ask myself in the most serious manner:

Does my vote count?

And if it does, for whom?




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