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March 5, 2021

DNA “attacks” candidate supporter lists

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) seized on Tuesday the candidate supporter lists of Alexandru Nazare, PNL’s candidate for Bucharest’s District 1 Mayoralty, but also documents from District 4’s Central Electoral Bureau. The documents were seized following a notification filed by Initiativa Romania, judicial sources told Mediafax.

Prosecutors are looking into the legality of Alexandru Nazare’s candidate supporter lists. At the same time, documents were also seized from the District 4 Electoral Bureau and the Central Electoral Bureau.

Similar verifications were carried out last week in the case of Marian Vanghelie, District 5 candidate.

Alexandru Nazare, PNL’s candidate in District 1, stated on Wednesday that he is “calmly” waiting for the investigators’ conclusion in what concerns the list of signatures, pointing out he has nothing to hide and thanking the DNA for its “prompt reaction.”

“I thank the DNA for its prompt and fair reaction of informing public opinion about this investigation which, obviously, was going to be maliciously used by my political opponents from PSD,” Nazare wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

A reaction also came from PNL Bucharest, which issued on Wednesday a press release that points out that prosecutors should expand their probe into the lists of other local elections candidates too. The Liberals emphasise that none of PNL’s candidates in Bucharest has any responsibility in what concerns the drafting of the candidate supporter lists filed at electoral bureaus.

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