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April 13, 2021

Firefighters put out fire in Bucharest: 65 evacuated, two smoke-intoxicated women rushed to hospital

Firefighters have managed to put out a fire that broke out in a five-story building on Vasile Milea Street in Bucharest City and the utility vehicles used in the action left the scene, Spokesman for Bucharest Emergency Situations Inspectorate Daniel Vasile told Agerpres.

A fire broke out on Wednesday in a five-story building on Vasile Milea Street in Bucharest City that had nearly 65 people evacuated by firefighters.

The fire is said to have started in a storage room with IT equipment and paper in the basement and engulfed 20-30 square metres of the structure. Smoke billowed out to the last floor, and the entire building was evacuated.

Bucharest Emergency Situations Inspectorate officials say two smoke-intoxicated women were rushed to hospital, one to the University Hospital and the other to the Elias Hospital, while five people were given oxygen but were left at the scene.

Three firefighting utility vehicles, three ambulances, a special extraction vehicle and a fire truck ladder came to the scene.



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