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March 8, 2021

MasterCard and OrangeFresh implement contactless card payments

The use of cards at vending machines was a constant request from OrangeFresh clients and one of the operator’s needs in order to optimise costs.

MasterCard and OrangeFresh have finalised integrating the MasterCard and Maestro contactless card payment solution at the level of the OrangeFresh vending machine fleet, marking one of the first implementations of this type in Central and Eastern Europe.

OrangeFresh, member of SAS Group – an important supplier of standoff monitoring solutions, operates a fleet of 54 fresh orange juice vending machines in Bucharest. The ability to use a card to pay at the vending machines was a constant request at market level, many of the vending machines being located in places with high traffic, where the rapidity and efficiency of payment are decisive for consumer experience. Benefitting from MasterCard’s expertise and support, OrangeFresh implemented the MasterCard contactless payment solution in collaboration with Banca Transilvania, as receiver bank and the supplier of the Ropeco e-payment solutions.

“We believe it is important to continue expanding the contactless payments, given the positive impact that this technology brings at the level of market experience, as well as the feedback we received from retailers and consumers… The collaboration with OrangeFresh and their partners resulted not just in the first full implementation at the level of a vending machine network in Romania, but also led to the emergence of the first complete solution for card payment at vending machines, which can be used by any other operators,” stated Gabriel Ghita (photo), Head of New Business CEE, MasterCard Europe.

“The implementation of card payments was enthusiastically received in locations such as office buildings, where the benefits but also the popularity of the contactless payment method are obvious at the level of consumers, in terms of the transactions’ rapidity, safety and efficiency. We believe that in 2 years at most, as the share of contactless cards will continue to grow and an ever growing number of clients will get used to the new payment method, this type of payment will end up representing over 30 percent of total payments,” Orange Fresh Owner Adrian Dinu stated.

The accelerated evolution in the degree in which contactless technology is being adopted has become a trend at local level, where there is a critical mass of early adopters of innovative technologies. MasterCard’s campaigns and initiatives supported the acceleration of the implementation of contactless technology at POSs, the volumes traded at local level through contactless MasterCard and Maestro cards registering a growth of 930 percent from 2014 to 2015. At the same time, the number of transactions carried out with contactless MasterCard or Maestro cards grew by 636 percent year-on-year in 2015.

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