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November 29, 2022

Narcis Ianau’s voice moves audience to tears at Gregorian concert

Gregorian’s first concert in Romania was the last chapter of the successful Master of Chants story that includes ten music volumes, an unbelievable success worldwide. A triumphant march that Gregorian, who sold more than 4 million albums in Europe, but also in Asia, South Africa and U.S., chose to celebrate through an emotional tour that included Bucharest.

The setlist of the memorable concert that took place on May 16 at the Palace Hall included one of the best and renowned songs from the universal repertoire. The members of the Gregorian chorus, dressed as monks, interpreted, in a unique way, famous pop and rock songs such as I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, an U2 cover, Stay, a Hurts cover, Lady in Black, an Uriah Heep cover, Meadows of Heaven, a Nightwish cover, Shout, a Tears for Fears cover, Hurt, a Nine Inch Nails cover, Heaven Is a Place on Earth, a Belinda Carlisle cover and Kiss from a Rose, a Seal cover. Best liked by the audience were the U2 cover One and the AC/DC cover Hells Bells. Also, one of the surprise moments was the artists walking among the audience while singing Just for You, a Lionel Richie cover, as a sign of appreciation.

The only female presence on the stage was Amelia Brightman, a special surprise for fans in Bucharest. She performed the Master of Chant, Join Me in Death, a HIM cover, Now We Are Free, Born to Feel Alive, an Unheiling cover, and Moment of Peace. Alongside her, the angel-like voice of Narcis Ianau, considered the wonder-kid that amazed everyone with his countertenor voice at the Romania’s Got Talent show, moved the audience to tears. He performed on the piano throughout the concert, but also used his fabulous voice to sing Caruso, a Lucio Dalla cover, and the famous Gloria, giving goose bumps to the spectators. Narcis is a young countertenor who sang in the chorus of the Catholic Church in Barati since he was 5. After publishing an exceptional cover after the “Un bel di vedremo” aria from Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, becoming the first man in the world to interpret that opera aria, Narcis became one of the active members of the famous Gregorian chorus.

Perhaps one of the most touching moments of the show was the duo performing Con te partiro, an Andrea Bocelli cover, the amazing voices of Amelia Brightman and Narcis sublimely merging and directly touching the souls of those present.

With worldwide sales of over 10 million albums, winner of Golden and Platinum discs in 18 countries, producer Frank Peterson, the brain behind Gregorian and Michael Cretu’s partner in the Enigma project, is certainly one of the most prolific German artists.




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