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October 3, 2022

Public pay bill: Bonuses in healthcare, education systems, equal salaries for equal work – amendments in public-sector staff’s pay

The complete restructuring of the salary system in the healthcare sector and introducing a system of bonuses based on conditions of reform and performance criteria for the personnel in the healthcare and education systems, including the support staff, as of January 2017, are the main changes to the public-sector pay law.

According to the draft Government Emergency Ordinance, the fresh employees in the healthcare system will benefit from an additional 10pct increase in salary, compared to the rest of the positions, to increasing the attractiveness of a career in this field. At the same time, in the healthcare and education sectors annual, biannual and quarterly bonuses can be can given, up to 2pct of salary-related expenditures, within the funds approved in the budget, if meeting certain performance criteria that will be drawn up by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of National Education.

Other changes brought by the draft Ordinance on the remuneration of the personnel paid from public funds in 2016 aim at eliminating differences of pay for equal positions and equal work within the same unit, by bringing salaries to the maximum level in payment in the unit / institution for all occupational families within budget allocations.

A number of 365,622 employees, some 30pct of the staff paid from public funds respectively, will benefit from the pay rise following the implementation of the changes in the pay system.

According to the initiators, the immediate positive effects of adopting these amendments are increasing individual consumption and the volume of contributions to the state budget and social security budget. On the other hand, a possible dent on the trade balance by increasing imports from the rise in consumption is limited by the forecast cap on the public-sector pay rise at 2.3 billion lei for 2017.

The said draft ordinance was posted on Tuesday on the website of the National Union Bloc.


PM Ciolos: Public pay bill will rectify system discrepancies


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Tuesday that a public pay bill currently under consideration will rectify system discrepancies, with emphasis on healthcare.

“I am glad that after long talks with social partners we may come up with a draft piece of legislation that will rectify some discrepancies in the public pay system. (…) I asked Mr Labour Minister to look into the possibility for us, within the limits of the budgetary allocations, to put forth a complete approach for the healthcare system that will rectify public wages booth horizontally and vertically,” Ciolos told a news conference at the Government House.

He added that other public fields are also important, not just healthcare, but the Ciolos Cabinet cannot solve all the problems facing the system.

He added that the public pay bill will not be approved the next day, but it will be put up for public debate.

“Under this draft ordinance no public wage will go down, as they will all go up,” said Ciolos.


President Iohannis, PM Ciolos discuss principles for public pay bill


President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Tuesday met to discuss principles underpinning a draft ordinance on public pay.

“The two officials, as well as other members of the Presidential Administration and the Government discussed priorities of the Government and their approach in the period immediately ahead. Special emphasis was placed on principles underpinning a draft ordinance on public pay,” the Presidential Administration says in a press statement.

It adds that the ordinance rectifies discrepancies in the public sector pay.

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