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August 2, 2021

15 Lower Chamber lawmakers, sanctioned for truancy

15 Lower Chamber lawmakers will be sanctioned for their absences in March. Nicolae Paun, ex-premier Victor Ponta, Sebastian Ghita and Daniel Fenechiu are among them. The Lower Chamber’s Standing Bureau took the decision. The lawmakers will be sanctioned by having 1 percent of their gross monthly indemnity deducted for each time they were absentees. MP Eduard Stelian Martin (PSD) and MP Nicolae Paun top the rankings of truant lawmakers, according to news.ro. MP Sebastian Ghita is second, with 12 absences, followed by Victor Ponta (PSD) and Daniel Fenechiu (PND) with 10 absences each.

Likewise, the Lower Chamber’s Standing Bureau has decided to sanction Bogdan Diaconu (PRU) and Mihai Radu Popa, who have 8 absences, Cornel Gheorghe Comsa (non-affiliated, 7 absences), Florentin Gust-Balosin (5 absences), Gabriela-Lola Anghel (non-affiliated, 4 absences), Silviu-Dorin Petrea (PSD) and Cristian Florin Tataru (PSD), 2 absences each, and Tudor Ciuhodaru, Stelian Constantin Emil Mot, Petru Movila (1 absence each).

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