Several public figures angry with Tax Authority for publishing “shaming list”

Several public figures, including Catalin Predoiu, PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea and one of ex-president Traian Basescu’s daughters have reacted after the Romanian Tax Authority (ANAF) published a list of debtors. They have asked for rectifications to be made.

Predoiu stated he paid his debts early this month and is asking ANAF to rectify the error in what concerns him, adding that he does not want apologies because he knows “what IT equipment and infrastructure the poor civil servants are using.”

“I understand that ANAF was in a hurry to put me on a list of debtors, I am asking them to read tax receipt series TS701, no.20100194378, dated May 6, 2016, I repeat – May 6, and to rectify the error. I am not asking for apologies, I know what IT equipment and infrastructure the poor civil servants are using. That’s it for now,” Predoiu wrote on Facebook, according to Mediafax.

Predoiu is listed with tax arrears in excess of RON 24,000.

Former MEP Elena Basescu, ex-president Traian Basescu’s youngest daughter, claims that her presence on ANAF’s list of debtors is an error, pointing out that the institution did not update its information following her change of residence from Bucharest District 2 to Bucharest District 1.

“The debt invoked by ANAF is an error on this institution’s part. In 2014, back when I was MEP, I resided in District 2. Now I am residing in District 1. The situation appeared because ANAF did not transfer the information from District 2 to District 1,” Elena Basescu wrote on Facebook.

She pointed out that a month ago she personally went to the ANAF District 1 and ANAF District 2 offices and proved, with documents, the payment of her arrears.

“Unfortunately, up until this hour, the data have not been updated. I conclude by saying that I have no tax arrears. The payment was made through a third party, in line with European Parliament regulations,” ex-president Traian Basescu’s youngest daughter pointed out.

Elena Basescu also posted the photocopy of a payment order showing she wired over RON 16,000 to the social security budget and the state budget.

Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea pointed out on Tuesday that the debt he is listed with dates back to the period in which he was an associate at the Ciorbea Victor & Ciorbea Lacrima law firm, pointing out that he has paid RON 1,600,000 in taxes in the last ten years.

Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea and his wife have over RON 350,000 in tax arrears, according to ANAF’s list of debtors.

Victor Ciorbea claims that both he and his wife “are making special efforts to pay the rest of the arrears, as well as the other debts,” thus carrying out “with full responsibility and good faith their obligations toward citizens.”

Lower Chamber lawmaker Elena Udrea stated she will verify whether she has tax arrears as claimed by ANAF, but pointed out she cannot pay them as long as the state, through the DNA, has placed a levy upon her assets.

“If my accountant overlooked something and I have arrears I will obviously try to pay them. I’m saying I will try to because all of my assets have been seized, all bank accounts frozen and all revenue blocked by the DNA. On the one hand the state is asking me to pay, through ANAF, on the other hand the state, through DNA, is blocking any possibility of paying!!! And based on another absurd norm included in the new Criminal Procedure Code, once a levy has been placed it can no longer be lifted until the lawsuit is over!!!” Elena Udrea wrote on Facebook.

“So, I am asking DNA and ANAF – in case I discover I do indeed have these arrears, how could I pay them?” she concluded.

On May 3, the Romanian Tax Authority (ANAF) published the list of mid-sized and large taxpayers that register tax arrears. On May 3, ANAF published a new list that includes 144,829 small taxpayers and public institutions that register tax arrears in excess of RON 10,000 each on March 31, the total value of the arrears being RON 77.1 bln (EUR 17.2 bln), 81 percent of that sum being considered non-recoverable.

King Michael I of Romania is present on the list, with RON 4,107,135 in arrears, as are many politicians.

A challenge has been filed to the outstanding tax liabilities of King Mihai and a legal proceeding to this effect is underway, the King’s Press Office informs.

”His Majesty’s outstanding tax liabilities to the state budget have been challenged and a judicial procedure to this effect is underway,” representatives of the King’s Press Office told Agerpres.

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