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September 20, 2021

Who will be responsible?…

Remember the stunning rows, measuring lots of kilometers, formed by the Romanian in Diaspora willing to express their right to vote at the presidential elections in 2014? Remember also the manner in which the two Foreign Ministers from that period, namely Corlatean and later Melescanu, acted in order not to clarify things behind organizing the two rounds of voting, so that the voting process should have been a smooth one? Well, the prosecutors didn’t forget it, so Corlatean will be investigated in this case, regardless of senators ‘ truancy in Parliament and of delaying the moment in which they will vote on his immunity removal.

Teodor Melescanu will come for sure at the offices of prosecutors investigating the case, for the hearings.

But until then, let’s make a review of the case. If we make a cold analysis, we will see that everything happening then seems to be part of a well settled game. After he completed his mission to make everything harder, the Social-Democrat Corlatean has resigned at the right moment. He had no solutions anymore, the pressure coming from the civil society was too big, a uniquely big pressure for the presidential elections in Romania. This remark is also mentioned in the conclusion of the prosecutors asking for the criminal investigation to be approved related to the former Foreign Minister in the “Diaspora” file case: “In the context of organizing the presidential elections in 2014, as Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean, by violating the legal procedures and by acts of disposition, has arbitrarily organized the polling stations abroad, thus obtaining an undue advantage for the candidate nominated and supported by his party”, according to the prosecutors. But in whose favor? It is undoubtedly clear that this game should have been in the profit of Victor Ponta, who was the PSD candidate for the presidential seat, but also the Prime-Minister and the main counter-candidate of Klaus Iohannis. At the same time, “the street” was seeing him to be a real danger for the process of removing the real milestone called corruption from Romania.

Thus, completing his mission, Corlatean has left the ministerial seat and gave it to Melescanu, an old PDSR member, even if he was later a Liberal, being even a Vice-President of the party. Apparently, he was messed up so badly in papers between the two rounds of the presidential elections that he remained clean, doing nothing, actually. But we cannot believe that such an experimented diplomat would have been made such a big mistake, since from 1992 to 1996 he was a State Minister, Foreign Minister, Minister of National Defense, Acting Minister of Justice, but also the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, or a member and leader of the Romanian delegations to various conferences and meetings of the UN members, specialized agencies, OSCE, European Council, NATO, EU and regional organizations, we cannot believe that he could trip over a stump which consisted in a matter of organizing the vote, so that he couldn’t take the right decisions in order to improve the voting procedure for the Romanian people in Diaspora. But his mission, after being appointed as the Acting Foreign Minister by the candidate PM Victor Ponta, seemed to be the one of keeping the bureaucracy and the chaos. Mission completed. Fully and deeply, we can say, because during the second round of the presidential elections, the mess was the same in the polling stations located in Diaspora.

But do not forget that after Corlatean has resigned, the Government has supplemented the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by RON 1.5 million, in order to better organize the second round. But they still have not created new polling stations, and that was the main request of thousands of unsatisfied Romanian people, who became famous all around the world for their protests in front of the closed doors of the polling stations. What happened to this money? What were they used for?  At that time, Melescanu said that he’s not guilty, stating that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not the one organizing the elections in Diaspora, but the Central Electoral Bureau. But the latter immediately replied, stating that the Ministry is free to supplement the polling stations. Melescanu remained silent. Instead, he found an explanation these days, when Corlatean is accused by the prosecutors in the “Diaspora” case. He said that new polling stations couldn’t be organized, otherwise Art.54 of the Law No.370/2014, which stipulates that changes are not possible between the first and the second round, would have been violated. Then why he accepted the money, the amount of RON 1.5 million taken from the budget of the country and obviously not used for the initial purposes? Which is the truth? Who managed the dirty game at the presidential elections in 2014? Why so much effort to make the vote so difficult in the presidential competition?  What other games would have been following if the end was different?

All we can do is to hope that the prosecutors working on the “Diaspora” case will enlighten us, despite all the obstacles which the political network puts, striving by various means to close itself in a cocoon and get away clean, after it created a system that was defeated in an unexpected way, by the voice of the street. Because Romanian people – and not only them – are waiting for answers.

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