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March 4, 2021

PNL’s Catalin Predoiu launches electoral platform

Catalin Predoiu, the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, promised Bucharesters on Wednesday that he will solve their problems “by covering the city with love,” will build the beltway and will extend the subway network, the promises being made at the launch of his political platform, an event attended by Stela Popescu, Felicia Filip and Andrei Baciu.

“I promise you, I promise you, I promise you, I will be the first “eco” mayor in Romania. “Eco” goes with clean. The Social Democrats built for themselves a city hall with Panama tinted glass. (…) In my city hall, there will be no corruption. I will make the corrupt unemployed (…) with no [unemployment] benefits. Six districts, zero corruption,” Catalin Predoiu stated at the launch of his political platform for Bucharest, in front of an audience that included Andrei Baciu, who became known after Dacian Ciolos nominated him for the office of Health Minister but then immediately withdrew the nomination because of the pictures in which Baciu appeared as a photo model.

The speech given by PNL’s Bucharest City Hall candidate was in fact dotted with comparisons and metaphors just as unusual, doubled by electoral promises.

Catalin Predoiu evoked his impressions in Copenhagen, “a calm city that respects its people and honours its visitors,” contrasting it to a Bucharest, a city “made ill by a doctor” (referring to former Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu).

“I take it upon myself to transform a city that besieges its people into a friendly city in which life is a celebration and not a perpetual battle with traffic, pollution and utility bills,” Catalin Predoiu said.

The Liberal said he spent his time trying to assess “how serious the city’s illness is and how threatening to all those who are living in it,” reaching the conclusion that traffic is “the most bothersome wound” and the first that has to be treated.

“I will be the nightmare of any Government until we have a four-lane beltway completed! Until the subway goes from Drumul Taberei to Eroilor and from Gara de Nord to Otopeni. Until we also close the second ring road, for which the EUR 1.3 bln already exist, but for which there is still insufficient political will to tap into them and to turn them into non-congested traffic,” the PNL candidate stated.

Predoiu also promised that he will transform Bucharest into “an oasis of investments” and that he plans to create jobs: “Our youngsters have brilliant minds, I want them to build careers in Romania.”

From the minds of the young, the candidate moved on to the “serious solution” (the candidate’s slogan – editor’s note) he proposes to Bucharesters: “I will cover the whole city with love. (…) PSD is blocking your path to happiness. A logical and commonsense consequence in order to do good to the city is for PNL to defeat PSD. And we will do this. I promise.”


“Iohannis referred to PNL when saying some parties are reforming”


At the same time, Predoiu also stated that PNL was the party President Klaus Iohannis had in mind when he stated that “some parties are reforming while others just mime reform,” and added that the Head of State did very well to give that public message.

“Not everything is perfect in our party, but unlike the others we’ve understood and started the reform. (…) Yes, we are the party the Head of State had in mind when he said there is a party that is engaging in reform. We engaged in reform,” PNL’s Bucharest City Hall candidate stated at the launch of his political platform for Bucharest.

Predoiu said that this is his interpretation of the statements made by President Klaus Iohannis at the start of the elections campaign when he asked voters to pay attention to the candidates, in order to see whether they are honest, but also to their parties.

Asked whether he does not believe that the Head of State interfered with the elections campaign by making that statement, Predoiu said that Iohannis did very well “to say that some parties are reforming while others are not.” “Let the other parties, which are not reforming, hear. 80 percent of my list in Bucharest consists of youngsters, just as the street wanted. We are reforming,” he commented.

“The elections campaign for the local elections is starting. (…) Take a good look at the candidates! Take a good look at the candidates and think whether your favourite candidate is an honest man, he shouldn’t be at odds with the law. (…) It is also important to see from what party or parties the candidates are coming. There will be some who will try to tell you that all parties are the same. It’s not true! They are not all the same. You recall, six months ago you and I asked political parties to reform. Some took it very seriously. They started the internal reform process. Others are just miming reform. The candidate’s party is important too. Take a good look!” Klaus Iohannis stated at the Presidential Palace the day before the official start of the elections campaign.

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